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Raven at Random

Ghosthunter    Paraphysicalist    Landlord

The Gas-Lamp Adventures of the King's Raven

The King's Raven of Faerie

We were told he had no "place" among the Victorians, 
but the events of King's Raven proved otherwise.

Whether as

Hrafn Alfshildr, Rafe Silver, Rankin the Scrivener, Atius Corax, Sir Rafael Fitzroy

or some other avatar, the King's Raven of Faerie appears in every Age. 
Sometimes helpful, often mischievous, his motives are obscure and always changeable.
One thing is certain:
the Raven-boy remains ever in service to the King 
against the schemes of the Unseelie.

The Setting

By certain arts, the village of Combe Beckett and the manor of Corbisend are known to be the least haunted place in Victorian England. 

The Team

From this bucolic haven, a mysteriously magical country gentleman, Mr Random Corwyn, has drawn together a team of paraphysical** investigators trained  in vanquishing unseelie terrors for Queen and Country.

Miss Violet Delacourt, a young lady-novelist, 

Polly Nickle, her clever maid with a complicated past

Capt. Daniel Ford, former British officer 

The First Challenge 

Still reeling from a disastrous undertaking in Persia, the team must discover and vanquish the home-grown horrors that have targeted the village in the form of a Black Dog, a sorrowing ghost, and a vicar's lonely daughter.

Will this adventure make them a stronger team or tear them apart completely?

First Installment 

1 March 2017

Black Dog, Grey Lady 

a Raven at Random novella
ebook or paperback on Amazon and Smashwords

Coming soon...

The Persian Affair: Dreams of the Devi