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I owe most of these to Al Rocheleau, who praised, encouraged, and set exquisite examples in front of  me. 

Writers' News Weekly (2010) 

At the House in the Rue de la Cerisaye

Nameless by the Hour (2nd Draft)

West from the River's Edge

Rocky Mountain Reader (2002)

Harbour Tour 

This Hard Wind, e-zine (2002) 
Central Air

Duende: Orlando di Lasso in Canon



Glue L.A. (1998)
Grace Note 

Melting Trees Review (1997)
Grail (1997)

The Web (1997)

Honour Price


Days Gone By (1997)

Love Song 


Dreams International Quarterly 
Napping in the Groves of Academe (1997)

Rites & Passages (1998)

Working through Lunch (1998)

Portrait in Fugitive Inks (1999)


Joey and the Black Boots (1997)
Not Actually the Castle of Otranto (1997)

Stepping Stones 
Opium/Ivory/Tea (1998)

Pedagogy (1999)

Nameless by the Hour (2nd Draft)

My Muse (and this is true) 
is a bleached blond tramp 
reclining on a white sand beach 
reluctant to give up a pretty boy 
whose fingers lips mouth 
forgive her lack of care, 
delight her 
asking nothing of the sky 
but rhinestones. 

The bitch nods off while I 
fiddle with inconsequential phrases— 
C-major chords and self-indulgent rhymes. 
Icebergs in their last melt linger 
in her eyes. 

I'd kiss her, occluded 
in occulted light, 
but she (the slut) holds back 
her motivation, lacking payment 
for refracted service. 

In a wreath of bitter almonds she 
knows everything I know, 
and snores, sometimes, in Greek.