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Molly September

This was my very first novel. The one that took the longest to bring into being, Rewritten from scratch at least four times. It's my first love.

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Pilot's Daughter... Pirate's Lady

What really happened to Rafe September? Everyone in Port Royal claims he was a thief and a pirate, but his daughter Molly knows that isn’t so. Newly returned from school abroad, Molly just wants to fall in love, but her family has her future and her marriage already planned.

Taking her life and honor in her hands, she runs from an arranged marriage into dangerous waters in the company of Dick Prentiss, one of the men who knew her father best.

Together they sail the seas of the Spanish Main in search of the truth and freedom, pursued by Molly’s jilted bridegroom, a man with the power to have them both arrested and hanged.

The real peril? Prentiss already knows the true story of Rafe’s death, and he’ll do anything to protect the girl he loves from finding out.

Not just another bodice ripper

Just for example...

Steamy scenes, swordplay, and drunken folly abound...

Rich in historical detail, extraordinarily well-researched and downright brilliant... 

Richly woven..a convincing world peopled with fascinating characters

...Swashbuckling adventure set on the high seas, packed with action and topped off with a healthy dash of romance

This book is safe for male readers. Besides, it's a pirate story, what more could a guy ask for. 
One of the freest women characters I have read... a woman who is herself first.... 

Gorgeous writing