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The Mermaid Stair

Harper Errant #3

A scrap of parchment with a mysterious sigil...
A message in a forgotten language...
A mermaid paradise of waterfalls and dreams...
And Ben Harper’s life is about to get complicated—again.

When the ageless lord of the River Thames is jolted out of retirement by news of horrific death among his nymphs, he calls on the king of Faerie for aid. Already alerted by disturbing visions, Oberon’s principal gentlemen, Ben Harper and acerbic, shape-changing Raven, find themselves once again in service—this time on the trail of a monster.

With only Ben’s gift of finding and faerie music as a guide, vague clues lead them on a terrible chase through London’s many-layered history to a mythic confrontation on the banks of a vanished river. Only the gods know what will come of it all!

Trust the Water!


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The Ata'rathi Scroll

Excerpt: Messing about in boats 

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      And these...

      The most intense of the Ben Harper series ...beautifully written and grabs the imagination. 

      Plenty of twists and turns to the plot, as well as satisfying characters. Even the bad rendered understandable in Secara's capable hands; she keeps getting better and better. 

      I stepped into The Mermaid Stair today, ensorcelled by prose that put me right in the book with our heroes and now my weekend is over…with housework undone, errands not run, overdue letters unwritten, and the cat miffed at being ignored.

      Harper Errant

      Book 1  The Dragon Ring

      Book 2 King's Raven