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Kings Raven

Harper Errant #2

The heart of Faerie is the Heart of the world

While the immortal king of Faerie lies under a terrible curse, the artistic spirit in the world is slipping away with him. The King's Raven would do anything to lift the spell, if only it hadn’t also stripped him of his magic and flung him into an iron-bound past with a damaged memory.

The only thing that can save the king and his principal gentleman is sealed inside a riddle wrapped in a puzzle that spans the centuries. Even with the help of an Elizabethan magus, a Victorian spinster, and a mad reporter, can mortal musician Ben Harper find Raven in time to solve the riddle, stop a golden witch, and restore the creative heart of the world?

First, he’ll have to find the key. 

The second book of the Harper Errant series sends Ben on a journey from the taverns and palaces of Old England to the British Museum on Christmas Eve, and from the Crystal Palace of Victorian London to wintry Dartmoor to a stunning magickal and musical conclusion.


    And these...

         Another spirited romp through time with faeries and music... 

    I feel I belong in her world!

    ...The Victorian details and the bits that take place at the Crystal Palace exhibition are priceless! 

        Fantasy with a great soundtrack!.

     ...Felt like coming home 

    ...Gentle music, magic battles, and a sense of what it means to serve the king.

    ...Stalwart and lovable heroes, an unusual and frightening villain, and enough plot twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat. I couldn't put it down.

    Harper Errant

    Book 1  The Dragon Ring

    Book 2 King's Raven