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A Compendium of Common Knowledge 1558-1603

Elizabethan Commonplaces for Writers, Actors, and Re-enactors

The past is not all the same place. This is important.

What is a Compendium?

A compendium is a concise, detailed but generally brief collection of facts about a particular topic. 

What is the Compendium?

The Compendium is a little book of facts about the manners and morals, courtiers and commoners, weddings and work, beer and bread familiar to Will Shakespeare and Good Queen Bess. 

The Compendium at is a unique reference tool for teachers, students, and home-schoolers, as well as actors, re-enactors, and Elizabethan enthusiasts of all kinds. But what can you do when the battery, router, or signal fails? You can consult this handy paperback book!

Just like the website,
A Compendium of Common Knowledge 1558-1603 is packed with notes on Elizabethan food, occupations, games, and pastimes, also religion, manners, attitudes, and education—the intimate details of daily life.

What canst a gentle do with the Compendium in paperback 
that cannot be accomplished upon the website?

* Write in the margins.

* Have it rebound in carved leather with a jeweled clasp. 

* Stash it in the tourney box for emergencies.

* Cite actual page numbers in a footnote.

* Give extra copies as gifts.

* Win trivia contests.

* Settle tavern wagers, if you patronize the right sort of taverns.

* Access it when thy computer is down, even in times and places where the Internet runneth not!

Praise in flowing streams

Beautifully laid out and thoughtfully edited.... An excellent introduction to the world that was familiar to the first audience
    ~ Leslie O'Dell, Shakespeare Scholarship: A Guide for Actors and Students ctors of the plays. 

The Compendium is written with wit and humour that will joyfully carry you through the information and allow it to easily stick in your brain for easy access later. 
     ~ Kass McGann, Reconstructing History

One feels as though the author is taking you by the hand and giving you her own well-informed and personal tour of the past. 
    ~ Artemus Veryshy, scholar, somewhere in the Borderlands

Where do I get myne own?

Just click here to get your very own copy from whatever Amazon outlet is correct for the country you live in.

Or go to any of your other favorite online booksellers. Or persuade your local independent book shop to stock it! Libraries, too!

   ~For bulk orders and resales, contact Maggie.

Why is there no e-version?

Imprimis: Because the format doesn't lend itself well to any device smaller than a tablet.

Secundus: Because the website is always the most up-to-date version, and it's just a click away

The Author

What else is at this fabulous website?

Wonderful things!