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Bound in the Bones

A new story starring Miss Pickering and reporter Ned Donovan, who you first met in King's Raven.

In Every Generation
a Tithe Must Be Paid


Miss Susan Pickering, spinster, has lived at Hollytree House all her life, unaware that the land it stands on lies under a terrible curse. Now without warning the spectre of a medieval monk is menacing the halls with deadly intent, slipping into the dreams of her servants and lodgers to seduce and torment—and worse. With her household in a panic and malicious sprites at large, it's clear the true target is strong-minded Susan herself. But why? 

Hand in hand with her lodger—and ardent admirer—investigative reporter Ned Donovan, Miss Pickering will have to defy propriety and explore the ghosts of her own past to break the ancient curse and bind the bones of the Prior of St Audrey.

Readers of Maggie Secara’s intense historical fantasy, King’s Raven, will be delighted to reconnect with prickly Miss Pickering and the irrepressible Mr Donovan as they venture into a world of magic and mayhem in Victorian England.