One adoring husband, two goofy cats, five magical novels, and half a million English words to toy with.


Well, ok, I'm part Irish, part English, and half Flemish. I've been a writer since I was 6. Early on I discovered the old Greek myths of the constellations, and from there dived into the Romans and eventually the ancient Egyptians. For a long time I wanted to be an archaeologist, Then a reporter, then an international spy, a poet, an opera singer, a novelist, a historian.

I ended up some of each while earning a Masters degree in English, singing in my university choir and opera chorus, teaching poetry online, and performing at the California Renaissance Pleasure Faires. And that involved both a lot of history and an education in improvisational acting and time travel. I've also been a costumer, a countess, and a camp-follower, all while making a living as a technical writer. The Faire more than anything gave me friends, experiences, and an awareness of history and language that mere study can't provide.

As a writer, my intention is to explore the heroic ideal, the nature of friendship, the power of music, and what it means to be a king. My stories look for the mythical in the everyday, and seek out the places where the realms of Faerie intersect the mundane. The historical context gives me a frame for that exploration, although it's probably true that I'm really just a gossip: I can’t stand that someone might have done something interesting 400 years ago without my knowing about it, including who else was there, what they had for dinner, and what they were wearing at the time.

Other than that, my eyes are blue, my hair is red, my accent is trans-continental. Everything else is, as they say, subject to change without notice.

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