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Time to get back to work!

Coming this FALL


Skyline (World Wide)


Hectic 2.0 (fundaMETAL)

Tactic (fundaMETAL)


eight8eight X


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and *Hopefully*  an ALL NEW yoyofactory.com!

Now at YoYoExpert

Welcome to the Team

Paul Han

Chris Frasier

German Masters

TYM.DE is getting freestyle video links up HERE

If you didn't hear the results Vashek Kroutil won the International 1A Title and Kojo Boison won 1A.

While watching Vids Check out YUUKI 09 USA NATIONAL CHAMPION thanks Juan~


As used by 2 USA National Champions

Both winners colorways are available at YoYoExpert


shines like money...



Nationals 1a

7 of top 10 throw YoYoFactory. Wow.

Congratulations to


YUUKI SPENCER 2009 1st place USA National 1a Champion

Patrick Mitchell 2009 1st place USA National 2a Champion

Patrick Bogerding 2nd place 2009 USA National 3a Champion

Miguel Correa 2009 1st place USA National 5a Champion

Sterling Quinn 2009 2nd place USA National 5a Champion

Tyler Severance  2009 3rd place USA National 5a Champion





Nationals day

Nationals day! Lots of people up early. The seeded players are keeping it low key not needed in the park until 1pm for finals.

The multiple division competitors have a big morning (Tyler 1a, 4a, 5a and Ryan Lai who is in just about everything) with near back to back 1 minutes.

Interestingly enough the 5 2a qualifiers have to do a 1minute prelim so Pat Mitchell will be up early.

Representing YoYoFactory


Pat Mitchell (Loop900)

Ryan Lai (Loop900)


Patrick Bogerding (Superstar)

Ryan Lai (Superstar)


Ryan Lai

Tyler Severance (Pocket Change)


Tyler Severence (Severe)

Miguel Correa (Genesis)

Sterling Quinn (Superstar)





Yuuki Spencer (Genesis)

Augie Fash (Boss)

Sterling Quinn (Skyline)

Tyler Severence

Miguel Correa

John Chow (Dv888)

Paul Han (DNA)

Chris Frasier






YYF hits chico

Some photos from the road of Yuuki Spencer

Yuuki in Vegas

Hoover Dam

On Location: Nowhere

Death Valley

Rock it: Yosemite




Gacek on the job

Working on a HD dvd for 2010

Countdown is on!

Yuuki and Miggy arrive in Phoenix today for a day of rest and practice. Gacek has been making himself at home, chasing tarantulas playing basketball and visiting yo-yo production.

We cleared the page off because the next few days are going to be busy.


Hectic 2.0 production begins. We need to approve it before heading out of town. The destination? Las Vegas.

Stay tuned

also if you didnt check these MTV clips out you are missing out...