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Big News.

YYFCOUNTDOWN.com has been a little slow in updates over the past month, the reason being we are about to launch 2nd pahase of the new yoyofactory.com!

Player profiles


Featured articles


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Due to launch MARCH 11


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Vashek Wins!

Gacek 2nd

more news tomorrow!



Vashek #1 Qualifiers

Check his 1st place getting prelim freestyle HERE




Pics from eyyc day 1

VIP guest and current European champ Don Robertson

Scotland to Russia to Spain to Iceland. Every corner of Europe was represented. Finlands best shown here.

Mr Cherry tries to make it through to the final and join Victor repping YYF Russia

Vashek also needed to go through prelims after sitting out 2009 Czech nationals. Check his prelim freestyle HERE


3 Amigos

relaxing after competing watching the rest battle for a finals spot




2010 is year of the yo-yo in the UK



Eyyc tomorrow

YYF will be repping hard.

5 Players competing

3 Judging

New prototypes available to buy


+ super limted quantities of signature edition EYYC yo-yos including Gacek Boss, Vashek SEVERE and Jason Lee BOSS





falling behind...

so much happening in the world!

eyyc is on this weekend. YYF will be there with B-grades, new color protostars, some new model preproduction stuff PLUS limited vask, Gacek and Jason Lee edition yoyos.


YYF featured on yahoo.co.jp front page today. this is one of the top 12 most trafficed websites in the world.


lots of news stories coming. From a HKL report, to Japan Hyper Yo-Yo to UK toy fair with Vashek and Kentaro, Guiness world records + way more. All coming to new Yoyofactor.com in late feb.



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This Jan-Feb keep up with yoyofactory on Twitter at www.twitter.com/yoyofactory


After Hong Kong Toy Fair and a visit to Beijing Tokyo is the next stop in a world tour for Yoyofactory during the Toy Fair season. Japan is the last stop before Europe. So much happening, so many stories coming to the new yoyofactory.com due to launch early feb!


Paul Han in PHX

Paul has been in Phoenix for the past couple of days kicking back, working on some future projects and shooting some photos and video. Lookout for the results of this trip in the near future.

Hyper Comet

Japan Only from Bandai.


2010 Underway

Things hit full swing Monday when Tyler returns from Delaware and Paul Han will be dropping by YoYoFactory for a visit.





One last post...

Happy New Year!


2009 Year in Review

The year started with some in house testing and then Yuuki and Miggy were paid a visit in Dallas to test and film promo videos for the Spin Top project. Although the Tops were never generally released many players around the world have been enjoying them through their limited availability at events and direct from YoYoFactory.

The first yo-yo release of the year was also one of the most controversial, the Dipped Skylines looked awesome :)

February rolled around and YYF was on the road visiting Spingear store Tokyo, Here We Yo crew in Hong Kong, YoStation Hong Kong and then traveling to the China National Contest.

Our first catalog was published, we attended New York Toy fair and still made it to the 1st regional of the year at PNWR in Seattle where we hosted the ‘5A battle in Seattle’ pinning 2007 World Champ Tyler Severance against 2008 USA National Champ Miguel Correa and 2008 World #2 Sterling Quinn. Tyler took that title but later in the year Miggy held his national title fought closely between the same 3 players.

Some neat yo-yos appeared including the Camo Superstar and the 1st of many player editions, the Sterling Quinn Skyline.

March was a big product month with the Dv888 and DNA appearing. 

DV888 hit a new price-point and spawned a whole new line, the FundaMETAL line. DNA incorporated some new blasting/masking techniques which are now seen on many competitors products. The Catalog also hit the streets shipping with product from stores around the world

April saw production of the Fall DvD release, Undeniable hot up with Miggy filming in Texas as well as filming going on in Europe. Jason Lee hit the road for a trip up the Italian coast which ended in Zurich for the European Yo-Yo Meeting.

In Asia the Here We Yo / Hong Kong Skyline appeared and rumours began to circulate about a 2nd FundaMETAL release and the Classic eight8eight

May was punctuated by BAC which saw the release of the HECTIC and the MUTANT DNA + the first availability of the Throwback and Acrobat Spin Tops. B-Grade sales again were a treat to spectators and on the stage Miggy took the 5A and Spin Top Titles.

Back at the Factory Yohans released his greatest creation, with unique specs of  6lbs 15oz, 20 1/2 inches long the world welcomed Chance Gabriel Van Dan Elzen, who was promptly set to work in the factory.

June was full of releases, promotions and more new additions.

Patrick Mitchell     and Tyler Severance headed to Arizona to become part of the staff at YoYoFactory, the ‘Classic’ 888 hit the streets, 3x Mexican National Champion paul Kerbel got a signature 888 and skyline color and the 3rd FundaMETAL, Frantic, appeared.

Japan Nationals also came up with the LOOP900 being unveiled and winning its first (of many) titles. The Yuuki Spencer Vs John Ando demo was also a Big hit with fans.

In July the website www.YYFCOUNTDOWN.com launched and became THE place for yo-yo news in the lead up to the World YoYo contest. YoYoFactory set the ambitious goal of 10 new releases for the World Contest and delivered with:

Die Nasty
New LOOP720
Pocket Change
Counter attack
Buddha king 2

BLC was attended by a BIG YoYofactory crew with David Ung, Pat Mitchell, Kentaro Kimura     and John Ando converging in LA. Steve Brown     was also there to bless the Die Nasty.

Only days after that a crew hit the road driving Coast to Coast ending in Orlando to get ready for the World Yoyo Contest. YoYoFactory booked out a house for the week and Team flew in from all corners of the world. For many it was their first time hanging out and without the pressure of the contest everyone got to relax and pactice at their own pace.

But soon enough the contest came and everyone moved into the Hotel and got ready for action. Worlds was a mixed bag of super highs and gut wrenching lows. At the top Shinji Saito took World titles 10 and 11 etching his name deeper into the history books. Kentaros 1st World title was a mixture of tears and standing ovations. He truly proved to be Undeniable. On the other side of the coin top hopes like Yuuki Spencer, Augie Fash and Patrick Mitchell         failed to make the finals. Considering the results of nationals later in the year these were shocking to many. There were also some big surprises at worlds like the performance of Patrick Bogerding who shone brightly on stage and the talent of long time competitor Chris Fraser. The Protostar became the 2nd midnight release at worlds following the Grind machine in 2008. Like the Grind Machine it looks to be a HUGE success.

Other points of note: Yohans (Big Boss @ YoYoFactory), intrigued by Masanobu Hishida and Takahiko Hasagawas efforts to break the long Sleeper record walks on to the stage after 4 practice throws and regained a world title he first set over a decade ago. The Buddha King 2 is officially the longest spinning Yo-Yo on the Planet.

Instead of slowing down in September things just keep rolling. The August released Kentaro Superstar gets World title tags, Pat Mitchell and John Ando head to Europe visiting Moscow, St Petersburg and the Ukraine hosting contests, doing media shoots for MTV and other media outlets and spreading YoyoFactory love to new parts.

Before anyone relaxed the same crew  were in Tokyo for 44 Clash, which has become one of the Hottest contests in the world.

Just a week later Gacek hits the USA for a visit and Masanobu Hishida finally gets the long sleeper record which should have been his all along with a 21 minute + monster sleeper. The yo-yo used?  Was there any Question?  Buddha King 2!

Keeping the Road trip theme alive Yuuki, Miggy, Gacek, Tyler, Pat head to Nationals, Via Las Vegas, Death Valley and Yosemite National Park. This hectic schedule as opposed to the relaxing Florida schedule appears to bring out the best as YoYoFactory dominates USA Nationals.

Nine different models are used in the finals, a true testament to the range YoYoFactory offers.

November  big again!

ProtoStar and 888x hit the shelves, Lunatic becomes the 4th fundaMETAL release, The Tyler Severance SEVERE drops and YoYoFactory helps bring Central Bearing Co to the word www.centralbearingco.com

The team are busy too with Tyler Severance off to Mexico, Kentaro in Europe joining Jason lee and Vashek at italian and Czech Nationals and Gacek heading to Spain for an insight into a country who’s scene gains little exposure but looks awesome!

Undeniable, YoYoFactorys, 1st USA released DVD drops and the 5th FundaMETAL, Tactic comes out and YoYofactory moves into a new bigger office warehouse and production facilities.

December we finish it off strong. Victor Gravitsky Takes the Russian 1A title, Miguel Correa begins a US tour, the G5 comes back as a force for the future, YoYofactory Team up with Bandai in Japan to bring back Hyper Yo-Yo we collab with Kentaro to bring Japan, Russia and Singapore the Chaotic and somewhere in here yoyofactoryben sneaks off to Hawaii for one of the biggest swells in history and to get married on a quiet sandy beach.

Phew, what a year.

COMING in 2010

  • Yuuksta  Yuuki Spencer Signature Model
  • LOOP 900 (with all new technology)
  • Big Deal (new Mighty Flea)
  • Play Like a LEGEND promotion
  • Hyper Yo-Yo Japan
  • European Yo-Yo Contest (Featuring Vashek, Gacek, Jason Lee, Patrick Mitchell    , Kentaro)
  • 2010 Worlds even bigger than 2009

Team 2010

Yuuki Spencer

Texas USA

Shinji Saito

Tokyo Japan

Patrick Mitchell    

California USA

Kentaro Kimura    

Tokyo Japan

Paul Han

California USA

Augie Fash

California USA

Miguel Correa

Texas USA

John Ando

Tokyo Japan


Yuji Shimokawa Kelly

London, UK

Steven Vong Kin Ian 

Macau, China

Mateusz "Gacek" Ganc 

Leczyca Poland

Yiu Siu Ho

Hong Kong

Paul Kerbel

Mexico City Mexico

Atsushi Yamada

Tokyo Japan

Dana Bennett

Maine USA

Patrick Borgerding

California USA

Sterling Quinn

Washington USA

Eiji Okuyama

Shizuoka Japan

Jason Lee

Naples Italy

Ryan Lai

Hawaii USA

Vashek Kroutil


Tyler Severance

Arizona USA

Chris Fraser

Michigan USA

John Chow

California USA

David Ung

California USA

Victor Gravitsky 


Demmik  aka Mikhail Dementiev


Mr Cherry aka Igor Vishnyakov 


Mikhail Baklanov 


Alexsandr Pelevin




YoYoFactory 2010

The New #1.

Merry Christmas to all!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Christmas.

Yoyofactory customer service will be open 7 days a week over the holidays if you need any help.


YYF X-mas

Santa came early...

Naughty or Nice?


Good times.....

The legend is back!

The G5 is here to stay!


These two are small bearing. There are also Yoga flame and aqua/silver large bearing restocks coming to stores any moment.



These are already at yoyoexpert.com + more. 


The initial release is going to Japan, Russia and Singapore.

This is a collaboration with Turning Point Japan with styling taken from both YYF and TP models. Japan and Singapore releases come with Turing point written on the top of the logo, the rest of the world have YoYofactory written on top. 

Japan, Singapore and Russian stock is en route. The rest of the world will have to wait until late Feb 2010.

Big Deal

Big Delay. 2010 now.

New Russian DvD

also check out Victors National championship winning freestyle HERE

More Miggy

Checkout the interview with Miggy at Freepress Houston HERE

Things I missed


Dont tell me you did too?

Lots of News

Sorry for the lack of updates. But we are back in action now!


You need to see new Genesis, BOSS and G5s. Pictures coming tomorrow.


Congratulations to Victor Gravitsky on becoming the 2009 Russian National Champion

 Check him out in the new Russian DVD

Coming soon to Russia!

Miggy on Tour

Dallas news reports: Miguel Correa will be touring with Dallas-based Hellzapoppin, a sideshow that launched another national tour Friday.

YoYoExpert Trading Cards!

Check this! There are EIGHT  YoYoFactory Contest Team player cards to collect + a special LE card :)

Hyper Yo-Yo

YoYoFactory have teamed up with Bandai Japan to launch Hyper yo-yo in 2010. as shown in this months Co-Co Comic a special edition Hyper Comet (YoYoFactory Yo-Yo) will be available at World Hobby Fair events across Japan. For More information visit HYPER-YO-YO.JP

Image taken from Singapore YoYoing Blog

counting down...

until EYYC!

Central Bearing Co

website updated www.centralbearingco.com

word on the street is they are assembling the greatest team of players ever assembled. Can't wait for that update.

Warsaw FACTS:

Largest city and capital of Poland

9th largest City in Europe by Population

Extensively damaged in WW2

Located on the Vistula River

Average temperature of 54F

The opening match of UEFA Euro 2012 will be in Warsaw

They also play decent yo-yo there!

Helping hand in getting your bearing off

Make sure you watch the bonus trick at the end!

Undeniable Dvd

Reports coming in of dvds being delivered to stores meaning they could start popping up as available at any moment.

Spingear pre-opening sale

If you are in Tokyo this week stop by the new Spingear store (across hall from old store). Reports of some great deals to be had including LOOP720 for 720 yen!

Boxthor has a roof

On it people play yo-yo. Freakishly good people.

Pat ProtoStar /Gacek DNA /Huber ProtoStar /Tyler 888x /Miggy GENESIS/ Seth SEVERE /Box Superstar /Yuuki 888x 

5A level next 

An early sneak peek at some Tyler Severance tricks. Thanks to Isaac for the video.

Holiday Buyers Guide

Under construction here.  More stores being added. Look close for some clues to new product releases.


Have yo-yos

Bird in Hand doing justice to MVP

One of three limited dual tone colors at Bird In Hand

Holiday Buying Guide

yyfcountdown.com holiday buyers guide coming soon with all the drops for the holiday outlined plus a where to buy guide showing who has what.


Cruising through SY Blog this morning and found this treat.



Final color way for 2009 available at LIMITED stores later this month.

ProtoStar and SEVERE


They also have small bearing LUNATIC now available.

Bienvenido a casa Tyler!

Aeromexico safely brought Tyler back over the border this morning. Apparently they had to drag him to the airport, he didn't want to leave :)

Spot the Gringo?



skip a few...



Is there anything Tyler cannot do?

The contest was BIG. Tyler reports a high level of play, stadium seating, and concert like atmosphere, better than any USA regional he has ever attended (and that is coming from a guy who has been to at least 8 different regionals!).  Before the contest was a freestyle workshop where performance aspects and point scoring techniques were taught. Lookout for Mexican players to make a BIG mark on the world stage in coming years.

Chilling in Mexico

Sunday was all fun and games


No this isn't the Navy.

Thanks to Isaac, Paul, Javier, Alex and the rest of the crew for making it a great trip!


FundaMETAL yo-yo's thus far have always had an edge.

Despite mainstream pricing they all featured a progressive profile which made them stand out in a crowd. Dv888 paid homage to a classic design, Hectic was pocket and fun, Frantic unique in looks and play. Lunatic kept it going with the soft tapered rims going to a plunging gap with an even more extreme taper to the bearing.

The Tactic is also a departure. A departure towards 'normal'.

But we couldn't go full 'normal'. Check out the stepped inner.

Smooth transition to 888 sized pads.

Large Bearing Specs

Weight: 66.5gm

Dia: 50mm

Width: 38mm

Gap 4.6mm

Bearing: Spec Large

Coming in a range of colors in Large and small bearing.


check these exclusive to yoyojoes

Czech Nationals 

Again looked AWESOME. Gacek, thanks for the photos. Robbie, I still owe you shoes ;)

And the winners

 1A_CZ: 1,Robert Kucera 2,Petr Kavka 3,Adam Hribal. 

1A_INT 1,Jensen Kimmit 2,Krisztian Kaluzsa 3,Emil Wojcik. 

5A,Petr Kavka X,D



Weight: 67.8gm

Dia: 50mm

Width: 40mm

Gap 4.8mm

Bearing: Spec Large

Run for the Border

To wish Tyler a safe trip to Mexico we took him to Taco Bell!

"there is no way they have Black Tacos in Mexico"

Then it was off to the airport. Bye Tyler! Travel well and bring back lots of stories and photos!

This is what awaits him!

News from Europe has Gacek in Prague and everyone gearing up for Czech nationals. make sure you checkout the trailer vid!


Just delivered.

Our 1st DVD!

Shipping to stores next week.

Adios Tyler!

3pm tomorrow Tyler heads to Mexico City!  We will get some photos of his goodbye and are sending with a camera and video camera to capture the fun!

Czech Nationals preview

This weekend sees one of Europes biggest national contests get underway, the 2009 Czech National Contest. This year will be a little bit different with 3x and reigning champion Vashek Kroutil crossing the table to become a judge rather than defend his title. As usual there will be international guests, this year Kentaro Kimura     is back for his third Cz Nationals. Joining him will be Jason Lee who will be returning to Prague for his second visit of the year as well as Jensen Kimmitt of Canada as well as jet setting superstar Gacek!

Here are 5 more reasons why Czech Nationals is going to be awesome

5. The Czech Competitors

 Who will be the new national Champ?

4. The contest venues are the best in the world

Stage lighting, Stadium seating, live TV in the lobby for the crowd that cant fit in. World Class!

3. Visitors from the rest of Europe

Hungarian, Slovak, German, Polish, Italian... Its a who's, who of European yo-yo.

2. The side events

Beware, these guys are good.

Walk the Dog Contest!

Buddha King!

F.A.S.T. Challenge!

1. The people

Win or not. Everyone is having fun!

Girls at a yo-yo contest? You can tell this isn't the USA!

Wow I got  5 without mentioning the after party :)

Good luck to all the competitors and here at YoYoFactory we hope everyone at 2009 Czech Nationals has a blast!


Gacek reports:

"To be honest, before my trip i've never heard about spanish players but after I met some of them, I know that they're not only very good players but also an amazing people. For most of them I was the first profesionall yoyo player which they met, so I was trying to teach them as much as I can and of course I learned A LOT about spanish culture.

Spanish Nats results:

1. Viru
2. Team Angry Yo (Jordi, Quim, Piscue y Dominique)

1. Dominique
2. Jordi
3. Quim

1. Ixbalam Tapia (Soda)
2. Jordi
3. Dominique

Muchas gracias for everything Amigos"

Judges at work

Congrats to Soda!

YoYoFactory Today

Here is a snapshot of what's going down at YoYofactory today.

Postal Holiday hasn't stopped YoYoFactory with SEVERE 888x and Protostar heading out to all stores today!

In the build room Tyler is keeping metal in supply, right now, boxing up MVP.

In the design suite John is at doing some layouts, either for the YoYofactory 2010 catalog or the new website.

Hard at work since before the sun came up, Pat is probably updating his facebook.

Yohans was in a top secret meeting, so I just took a picture of his bike :)


MVP, LUNATIC and PROTOSTAR?  they have them NOW

Paul Han can play yo-yo better than most....

Congratulations to Spinworkx, Spingear and SPYY!

Both Spinworkx singapore (above)  and Spingear Japan have moved stores!

SpinGear even plan on having a lathe in the store for live modding!

Also Congratulations to Steve Buffel from SPYY who is now a proud father of 6lbs 15oz Nash Reid Buffel!


People just haven't been writing enough reviews lately. With that in mind Last Wednesday we offered an incentive to the first 2 people to write MVP and LUNATIC reviews. Here are the results!




skyline, mvp, superstar

skyline, mvp, superstar


1st impression: It's a new and improved superstar. Its more angular, but the feel definitely reminds me of the superstar (which is by no means a bad thing). 

Play: Dead smooth and stable. This is by far the most stable yoyo I have thrown. Between the center trac bearing and the insane rim weight, you almost have to try to get it to tilt on you. Even after multiple reps of a braintwister/gerbil combo it just spins like you just landed a trapeze. Spin time is very impressive, after a couple chained combos I never feel rushed to return it.

Grinds: This is the only part that is kinda lacking. Definately not the best grinder, i would imagine that any sort of humidity would prevent any grinding. 

Final thoughts: I was initially worried about an uncomfortable catch, but the flatter rims are actually easier on the hands than the superstar. I really was impressed by how stable and smooth it is. If you liked the superstar you will like this even better. Also, a really cool feature of the wide gap is that you can pick out most knots without taking the yoyo apart.




Hey guys, I thought I'd write a review on the new MVP yo-yo. Of the many new Yo-yo's being released by Yoyofactory this one caught my eye the most. Why??? Because it reminded me so much of a Superstar. The Superstar is my favorite yo-yo, it's just so good. Getting a new yo-yo is always exciting. I ordered a Red MVP as red is my favorite color. I was lucky with my red Superstar because I got it at Nationals in 2008. I had to wait it out for this one but it was well worth it. Man I thought the Superstar was great but the MVP is even better. There's been improvement's on the yo-yo that makes it different from a Superstar but also makes it even better. 

The size of this yo-yo is a little bigger then a Superstar. It's a full size yo-yo. This makes it easier to catch and a tad bit heavier for increased spin times. The shape of the rims of this yo-yo is amazing. They feel good in your hand and seem to be easier to catch. The gapm og the yo-yo is nice and wide so you have absolute unresponsivness. The yo-yo's not heavy at all and tricks like Laceration are a breeze. One of my favorite things abut this yo-yo is the rims it feels good in your hands and feels very good to catch. The texture on this yo-yo is nice and shiny and smooth to the touch.

Appearance: I know the performance is more important then the appearance of the yo-yo but I must say it looks good. The shape is very attractive as well as the laster engraved MVP. MVP is displayed in bold as if shouting it is your Most Valuabled Player. The shape of the rims not only enhance the play but are stylish to look at as well. The yo-yo came in perfect condition, no marks from production or anything. They come in Red, Gold, and Purple as of now. I highly suggest the Red but everybody has a favorite color of course.

Play: This yo-yo is amazingly stable. I'm sure the shape, rims, and Centered bearing that is included contributes to this. It's hard to lose control on even the longest of combos. It stays nice and striaght on the string and spins FOREVER. The bearing feels nice and broken in but I did put some THIN lube on it before I tried it. The yo-yo works very well for almost everything except grinds. I'm not much of a grinder but it grinds up the arm if you really btry. I'm sure you could do anything with any YoYofactory if you really tried though, everything they make is so good. Im put in a regular spec bearing just for fun andn it still works very well. The new bearing however really makes it a power house. I'm sure that's why it was introduced. This yo-yo has a little something that others don't. It truly is a Most Valuable Player. I highly Recommend this yo-yo to any serious yo-yo player.

Bearing: What's awesome is that this yo-yo comes with a centered bearing. A center trach bearing that centers a yo-yo string in a way that a KK never could. As with all Yoyofactory bearings the bearing feels broken in or I at least think it feels like it but I did use THIN lube . This yo-yo bearing seems to take multiple wraps around the bearing without slowing down or snapping back and coming up and nailing your hands which really hurts. Even when your string gets tight it sill performs well. The response on this yo-yo is K pad the best of the best. The bearing spins for a super long time. More then enough time to do whatever you want to do. This is something worth looking into. The fact that it comes with the yo-yom is a great value. Maybe all future yoyofactoys will include them. You never know.

Value: This Yoyo is made to last. It's made by THE best yoyo company and is durable, hard to scratch, and just plain tough. No one wants to mess up a new yoyo. Especially if it's your favorite, but the MVP as with all Yoyofactorys can take a hit. At 110 dollars and a center trac bearing included, thats a deal. It's about 9 dollars cheaper then the Superstar was at release. This yo-yois made to play or look hot in any case. The price is well worth the added edge it will give you. I highly recommend it. if you were obsessed with the Superstar as I was You'll love this one. Get it, quick before they run out. And they will run out!!


Review by:


Enticed by the lure of free goodies and the quest for unique yoyos, I have purchased the YoYoFactory Lunatic. 
Let's see what it's all about.

Diameter: 50mm

Let's start things off with a picture!

IMO, this thing is gorgeous. The color is a pinkish-purplish-awesomeness hue. 
The only thing that doesn't wow me is the laser engraving, but I understand that to keep the price down, 
cuts have to be made. I'm glad they made the cuts on the laser engraving rather than the play.


Speaking of play, let's here about it. This thing is great. It's smooth like all YYF's, and plays semi-fast on the string.
 It's not Mickey fast, but it isn't a rock on a string either. I wouldn't call the play floaty either; it feels solid, 
but fast. As far as grinds go, its good. The finish feels silky on grinds, and it glides over your skin. 
I love pretty much every aspect of its play. It's stable, fast but not too fast, and pretty much awesome
 in every single way.

Now let's head on to the shape section of the review. This is where it gets interesting. 
Pictures are worth a thousand words, so here ya go:


It's very angular, but still soft, if that's possible. The catch zone is very large. 
The shape does make it a bit unique I would say; it feels like you are using a yoyo that has a much smaller
 diameter than what you are using. For this reason, I'm glad the yoyo isn't much wider, or else it would start 
feeling uncomfortable. Once you get used to it, the shape isn't unpleasant. It does affect your throws a bit at 
first, but you get used to it and adjust fine.

As far as the guts go, it's pretty standard.


C sized bearing, and pad response. BTW, I love the new pads by YYF. They feel exactly like silicone. <3

Overall, this yoyo is a steal. It plays like the top of the line metals, yet retails for less. 
I would definitely rather have this than other lower end metals for sure. 

Very well done, YoYoFactory. *applauds YYF*


Review by:





Weight: 67.10

Width: 39.45

Diameter: 50.16

Gap Width: 4.85

Bearing Size: Flat YYF SPEC C-sized (.250 in x .500 in x .187 in)

Stock Response: Yoyofactory Silicone Pad


1st Impressions and Appearance: 

My first impression upon seeing the Lunatic (online and then in person) was that it was a smaller Severe and not too much else. That being said, I was very excited to try it since I loved the Severe and love smaller sized yoyo's. They have a range of 4 colors : Green, Red, Blue, and Purple. Naturally I went with my favorite color green (coincidentally my friend bought a Blue one so we'll probably end up making Bape colored Lunatic babies Tongue). I was confident in the smoothness and playability of Yoyofactory metal products and the affordable Fundametal price tag of $69.99 definitely does not repulse the temptation to scoop one up.

I am not a big fan, however, of the logo laser engraving. I thought they could have been a bit more creative with a large flat surface to create a more compelling design than a simple LUNATIC lable and their trademark "Yoyofactory" stamped on there. Of course this does not affect play yet it does alter it's appeal a bit. 

Shape and Guts: 

The guts is typical of the new yoyofactory products. It sports a small recess area that comes stock with the white Yoyofactory silicone pads but also can be filled with flowable silicone (my favorite response). It features a large gap of nearly 5mm's which allows for lots of string wraps while cutting down on snagging. The tapered walls and the fairly large flat rims makes it easy to catch string as well as to snap start without having to fiddle to find a proper edge to grip. It has a stepped inner ring design possibly to increase thumb grindability.

Play and Performance:

Again I was not surprised by the smooth throw and the vibe-free play of the Lunatic. Yoyofactory has a strong reputation of smooth and reliable play. The Lunatic is just another throw that solidifies that rep. 

Surprisingly, for 67 grams the Lunatic feels pretty light and fluffy when thrown, probably due to the strong emphasis on rim weight. For this reason the yoyo plays very solidly. It is stable and is not prone to tilting, even without my usual KK replacement of stock bearings Tongue.

It is also quick. Smooth and fluid on the string while also being quick and maneuverable is a deadly combination for any competitor or just casual thrower alike.

The finish, although not being the perfect grinding surface, is very similar to that of the Severe or Dv888. It does allow for grinds, however, i found the tapered area a little too thin to fit my finger in properly without it grabbing it, making the yoyo turn. For IRG it's similar. Although it could be that i'm just not good at them, the stepped design of the IRG just did not seem to hold my thumb in any of the grooves and would slip out after about a second and a half or less. For me this is no big deal since I do not exploit the inner ring often and am not a big fan of IRG's.

Binds are tight even with the stock pads and because of the weight of it, the yoyo rolls up nice and tight and full. So your next throw somewhat "revs" as i like to call it. Not quite as tightly or rev so much as a Buddha King 2 (of course) or DNA/G5, but not as loosely as the C13. Somewhere in between, and it is a comfortable and efficient throw.

And finally the catch. There is something strangely satisfying about catching the Lunatic. Because it has those prominent flat rims it hits the hand smoothly. Another curious thing is that because it has a small diameter, my thumb and sometimes my ring and pinky fingers curl around the sides and feel a bit of the inner ring. Peculiarly enough I enjoy it Smiley


Overall the LUNATIC is a VERY solid throw. Extremely reliable, stable and smooth. Visually diverse with the multiple color choices (and for some, multiple color combinations :coolsmiley:).
I have to add that for me, it isn't the most exciting or different throw I've had, but that was my opinion when i first played with the YYF Superstar as well. I grew to like it, A LOT, and i assume I'll grow to like this with a couple more weeks of solid play. The Lunatic is bound to definitely be a keeper among my growing wardrobe, if you will, of favorite throws. And with such an affordable price how can you resist! One of the best bangs for your buck on the market today. 

Don't hesitate and grab yours now, before they disappear! They're so good, you'll be playing like a LUNATIC (had to do it Tongue)!

Italian Nationals Results


Lorenzo Sabatini (Ciccia)
Fabio Gallerani (Fabio)
Simone Capurro (Siminitto)

X Division
Lorenzo Sabatini (Ciccia)
Andres Pegam (Pac)
Filippo Dalla (Ginopiddu)

Federico Fragapane (F3de), Marco destro (MDX)

Results found courtesy of Jumper at TYM.de

YoYoExpert Exclusive

YoYoExpert have done it again bringing you finally bringing YoYoFactory t-shirts to retail.

While stocks last!

They also listed Skyline !



Now at YoYoJoes

Brief News

I think Gacek is having fun. An sms received this morning started with 'I'm in Heaven' and ended with 'YAY!!!' so, yup, fun is a safe bet.

YYF production is in full swing trying to maintain supply for the coming holidays. The aim is to keep 888x, Superstar, Genesis, BOSS available while releasing SEVERE, MVP, LUNATIC and TACTIC... so there is a lot of work to be done.

Most impressive YYF collection I have seen in a while....

Belonging to BEN at YoYoNation forum

Spingear Japan have listed MVP

The raw silver is exclusive to them.

The Lunatic rainbow they have is also pretty sweet

Last but not least,

Happy Birthday Mr Augie Fash!

Speaking of Augie, there is a cool red/black BOSS exclusive to theyostore.com


Vashek and Kentaro are headed to Italy.

Here is Vashek in prague before they depart

Kentaro Says:

"We did sightseeing today in Prague downtown .  And I went yoyo meeting . It' about 1:35am and we are going to leave Czech to Italy in 30 min"

Gacek reports:

"Hola Amigo!

Right now i'm going to warsaw and tomorrow morning i have a flight to Madrid :D. i didint knew its a spanish national contest lol they told me that last week;)
Its time to judge some spanish players! 

and check this video, its a promo vid of some random polish city and i dont know why its with a yoyo, 888proto i think lol

i'll try to send you some pics when i'll be there.

gracias, gracias



In the factory it is time to show you production SEVERE.


43mm wide

56.4 dia

4.9mm gap

Flowable silicone response

Patrick Borgerding Says:

"I just got my package today and I am loving the Lunatic and MVP's. (Also the DNA is a dream!!) I like the MVPs, they don't feel much like a c13. Feels heavier, and a tad bigger. It also isn't as rounded as the c13. It feels a lot more solid then then c13 to me. The MVP spins FAST and HARD, it hurts to bring back to your hand after a nice throw. The thing is beast. I don't particularity LOVE it for 1A, but 3A... It's so perfect I have no words for it.

The Lunatic feels small in the hand despite it being the same width as the MVP. It's a beast and I'm loving it. The Severe doesn't quite bring the same kind of love to me. Just personal preference. 

Recap: MVP is a BEAST, love it for 3A. Lunatic is smooth and feels undersized (Maybe it's just because I'm large and tall). DNA is a DREAM. C13 is still a solid throw but after playing the MVP, it doesn't feel the same.

Overall, great products. I'm enjoying them!

EDIT: I am still deciding if I am ready to retire my Superstars and move to MVPs for 3A. We'll see!"



Only at YoYoExpert

Write a review and we will hook you up!

First 2 people to write a (quality ie include a couple of pictures) review of the MVP and the first 2 people to write a review of LUNATIC, post it on at least 3 yo-yo forums+ email me will receive a free prize pack from YoYoFactory (and you know we will hook you up with some good stuff :) ). 



Kentaro in Prague

Kentaro has arrived in prague for a European trip that will see him visit both Czech and Italian Nationals. Jason Lee and Vashek will also be at both of the contests but Vashek will not be defending his Czech national title, opting to judge this year and focus on the European championship coming this January.

Kentaro on stage at Czech nationals in 2008

2010 is just around the corner and YYF have 2009 covered.

To guide you through it, here is a guide through the 10 hottest products YoYoFactory has on offer for the upcoming Holiday season

10. Velocity

Give a friend a gift of the best, or get one to keep one in your pocket at all times. OUT NOW

9. YYF Shirts

www.YoYoExpert.com is the place to look. COMING SOON

8. YYF vs Turning Point

December it goes down! DECEMBER 2009


FundaMETAL round 2 continues. Available Early December

6. Undeniable DVD

Europe, Asia, USA. YYF Contest team shows why it is #1 Undeniable. Shipping NOV 20.


The greatest FundaMETAL thus far? you be the judge. This isn't trying to be anything but your new #1 yo-yo. OUT NOW


Heart and soul, Tyler Severence.  Tyler tested every prototype, picked out the colors, hand poured the silicone response, built the yo-yos with his hands. For the art, he turned to his friends who captured the essence of the yo-yo in a full color graphic. The only thing Tyler won't be doing is personally hand delivering them.  Friday 13th November

3. MVP

The next level is here. This one will be the hit of the 09 holidays because it is so, so, so stupidly good. OUT NOW (or real soon if your store doesnt have it yet)

2. Protostar

Plastic yo-yos have never performed like this. The ProtoStar is a product of John Ando and YoYoFactory not accepting 2nd best and pushing the boundaries of what a plastic yo-yo can do. Shipping to stores NOV 10.

1. 888x

The king is back. Eight8eight is a legend, and the 888x will see that continue into the future. The best finish an 888 has ever seen smoothness you expect. YYF contest team are calling this the best 888 yet and the surprise? The price! a sub $100 eight8eight for the 1st time ever!

Shipping to stores NOV 10.

Monday News

YYF in stores

MVP and lunatic have shipped. Skyline popping up in stores any day. Look out for colorways matching the 07 888 releases; pre-pro sticker, european and asian regional exclusives + in a few other colorways at individual store requests.

YYF product development

In 2009 the LOOP900 was used to win every major 2A title in the world. Competitive success isn't enough. Looking to go to the next level more prototypes are due in this week for evaluation. Having USA national champion Pat Mitchell in the office comes in handy at times.

YYF Team

Tyler Severance is off to Mexico city in a little over a week for a yo-yo training camp held by Mexican Yo-Yo Association. After placing in the top 10 in 1,4 and 5A at USA Nationals  Tyler certainly has the skills to share. Augie Fash was somewhere last week but has been too cool to tell us what went on :(




Velocity 2010 tweak

New package, new pad response, wider gap, wader range of response. this thing is the real deal. 

Pepsi challenge this with any other plastic yo-yo and the others all fail. 

Match the response to your skill or style. Play your way.

Responsive, if you want it, bind return, that's your choice. perform the hardest tricks know then hand it to a beginner. When somebody getting into yo-yo asks what to buy, there is only 1 answer.... VELOCITY!

also the F.A.S.T. 201 now comes in a slim pack too

Brandon Cormier in the news rocking a Superstar




Lunatic is shipping Friday. MVP pictures also going up later today so check back tonight.

Skyline fans should note restocks of it will be popping up worldwide any day now.

Superstar Yoga Flame

Superstar has been given a small tweak with the axle length being reduced to mean solid hubstack posts and better bearing fits. This color-way is one of the final ones for the year.

Where it began

"MINT condition GREEN original Grind Machine.  Original YOYOFACTORY RED LINE series, this is the second installment of the beginnings of aluminum yo-yos by YYF.  The first was the F.A.S.T. 301 (metal 201).  Later there was the Grind Machine 2 and then the Plastic Grind Machine.  Plastic caps, pad response, and small bearing.  Solid and fantastic player!  Comes with the original box!  This is your chance to get a small peice of YYF epic history!"


Finals MVP

These ones go out to Patrick Borgerding

AYYA recognizes record...

Masanobu Hishida (seen above pictured with Semba, Taka and John Ando)  from Japan  used the YoYofactory Buddha King II  at The 25th Nakano Yo-Yo Club Meet on 8/30/09 and set the new record of:




Its 2010. Cars don’t fly, you don’t live on the moon, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw a yo-yo that looks like the 1950’s.

MVP is the epitome of modern yo-yo play. Spin time taken to a new level, smoothness and stability others are yet to attain.

Big, Bold, Wide, Powerful. MVP makes no excuses, the best rarely do. 

Center Trac bearing Standard. K-pads for stopping power. 

The only gimmick is performance.

MVP by YoYoFactory.

Diameter: 56.40 mm

Width: 40.15mm

Gap: 4.7mm

Weight: 67gm

Pad Type: Large skinny K-Pad

Bearing: Large (.250 x .500 x .187 in) Center Trac Bearing (by Central Bearing Co) 

Material: 7075 grade alloy

Central Bearing Co X Kentaro Kimura     presents

 K-Pad day-glow yellow. Made in Japan. Shipping soon worldwide.

Happy Birthday Yuuki Spencer!

21 today


Round 2  Begins now....

No Frills 100% performance metal? YoYofactory conquered that segment in 2009 and with 2010 just around the corner, get ready for the next episode...

 Some corners don’t need to be cut.

Expect Full weight, Full width and Full ON performance.


The Lunatic builds on the success of the HECTIC profile adding extra width and softer edges  for a comfortable hold and catch. A certain degree of refinement has crept into the mix with subtle features like the wall step / 888 sized pad offering an unbeatable response combo and stepped rim to provide a balance of stability and agility. 

6061 grade alloy

Soft Matte grinding finish

Diameter: 50mm

Width: 39mm

Gap: 4.6mm

Weight: 66.4gm

Pad Type: CBC Silicone pad (small and large narrow (888) dependent on bearing type

Bearing: Small Available with your choice of  small (5x10x4mm) SPEC bearing or Large (.250 x .500 x .187 in) SPEC bearing

“The most noticeable thing you will feel with the lunatic is the weight placement. The total weight is not leveraged to the extreme rim but positioned in a matter to offer a balance of inertia and agility. In at the pad edge a slight cut-away reduces friction to further enhance impact of the weighting and negate the influence of the string during. The end result is a powerful competition grade performer for 2010”.


The 2009 Season was awesome. There are still some big events to come like Czech, Russian and Italian Nationals but for the most part we are already looking forward to 2010. The Two biggest events early in the year are (the rescheduled) Asia pacific Championships and European Championships.