Welcome to the second part of our World History Project about the Five Major Religions of the World!  For part one, we discussed in class the basics of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.  With this second part, you and your groupmates are going to work together to learn even more, including some of the issues that we see within these religions in today's world.  Each group will use the information found today as well as what we learned earlier this week to form a group presentation.  We will be working on the project next week, which is part three of this project.  If you missed the information we went over in class, it is available on the Fusion site.  Click here for access to Fusion.

Each person has been assigned to group, and each group has been assigned to research one of the five major world religions.  This project ultimately will be graded on your ability to work together as a team.  Fulton High School is committed to producing students who will succeed both in college and the working world.  What employers are asking of schools these days is to teach students how to collaborate with other people.  You have the great opportunity as freshmen to start practicing this skill early so that you will be master collaborators in the future! 

You may use either the sidebar to the right, or the links below to find the page needed to complete the scavenger hunt for your assigned religion.  Work together to get this completed quickly, as we only have available one day in the computer lab to finish.  Also, on each page is an attachment with a copy of the project if you need to print it out.  Have fun!!!