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Workforce Wellness Workshop | Staff performance & satisfaction
Attention to the health and w
elfare of staff is vital and establishing an in-house workforce wellness system is a great way to systematize support. The advancement of well being does not take a big shift in daily workload, but it does take attention and commitment to a doable work plan, and the payoffs are huge. This workshop is 'quick-start and hands-on', and helps groups decide together to ease away from damaging psychological, physical, and emotional cultural health habits in the workplace to boost performance, satisfaction and the bottom line. 
The interactive session includes implementation tools, recent research, and hard-to-find, time-tested wisdom from nature-based societies.

Corporate Beat | Capacity building experience for leadership teams & boards
This experience is framed around the formulas and precision of successful organizational structures and models, but conveyed through the electric energy of the best of traditional cultural favorites
 and full-bodied group participation. Participants engage together to create memorable experiences around sometimes dry concepts such as roles, lines of communication and authority, governance, organizational structure, accountability, and team-building. The environment is dynamic, as is the facilitation that moves groups through nebulous concepts to a visceral understanding of organizational structure and behavior -- the bedrock of workplace culture.  Integration of the principles of physics, ancient wisdom, science, art, and music is hallmark to this series.

Rhythm & Roots Labs
Our highly skilled, professional percussion team shares their expertise with communities at a much reduced rate. Workshops, festivals and retreats include the traditional aspects of ancient percussion rhythms, both meditative and animating, and the excitement and power of the traditional ceremonial drums. Sessions are held at a variety of private venues, businesses, community centers, schools & spiritual centers and help to spread a community message and to help groups learn about the healthy effects of the arts and culture for the brain and body. CLICK HERE for RHYTHM&ROOTS SITE

Roots Retreats | Make it real.  Make it natural.  Make it stick.
The retreats support strategic planning and team-building through adventures, intensives, and environments that allow for fresh air to enliven old concepts and leave space for creativity. 
We provide a radical change in the 'business as usual' backdrop and methodology, and uses natural environments designed to ease the flow of discourse. Our tools help groups examine their work systems against models in the natural world in seeking sustainability. Each activity holds to the principles of the natural world resulting in a 360 degree experience involving each of the senses: a sure-fire way to make learning, team-building and other inroads stick. 

Apothecary | Secrets of medicine women & men of nature-based societies
The Apothecary is a special, information and exchange session and retreat that simply exposes participants to other ways of going about their day using the natural world around us.  Participants can see, experience, and practice the habits of several nature-based societies and ultimately decide if they themselves wish to adopt these unique 'best practices'. The session focuses on time-tested wisdom from ancient Brazil, China, India, and especially West Africa, and allows for plenty of discussion among participants to share their own secrets of health and wellbeing.

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Music as medicine has huge potential: Drumming

posted Aug 19, 2013, 2:42 PM by Susan Berning   [ updated Aug 19, 2013, 2:42 PM ]

McGill University researchers sought patterns in 400 published researcher papers

Drumming Reverses Effects of Aging

Another group of studies found that older adults can boost their immune function, reversing age-related declines, by making music as participants in drumming circles, Levitin said.

'I think the promise of music as medicine is that it's natural and it's cheap and it doesn't have the unwanted side effects that many pharmaceutical products do,' said McGill University researcher Daniel Levitin. (CBC)   The positive effects of music seem to be linked to the fact that music causes neurons in the brain stem, a primitive part of the brain, to be activated in sync with the beat, Levitin added. That has a cascade of chemical effects on the nervous system, typically evoking relaxation if the beat is slow and improving focus and alertness if the beat is faster.

So far, much of the evidence that the health impacts of music are caused by neurochemical changes is indirect, but taken together it does provide "preliminary support" for that claim, the authors wrote.

Nevertheless, Levitin said the idea that music has positive health effects is no longer controversial.

"I think this has gradually become accepted in the medical community," he said.

To read the full  article click here


posted Aug 19, 2013, 2:35 PM by Susan Berning   [ updated Jul 30, 2015, 10:36 AM ]

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