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Pro-Bono:  some of our extra-curricular gifts to communities...

Cultures are everywhere.  Mix it up with music, food & ideas.

All kids should be healthy safe, and educated.

A leadership vacuum is being filled by women.  Let's step up.

How do we know what we're missing, if we haven't looked?

Voices for Children
All of our World Portico consultants are deeply committed to programs and non-profits that work to reduce the suffering and struggling of under represented, primarily voiceless populations, especially those in poverty, or who are children. Our consultants are founding members of several non-profits whose work is to ensure policy and practice work together to quickly change the experience of our most vulnerable citizens - real time. We serve as consultants in developing policy agendas for legislative improvements that will result in bettering the health, education, and safety of kids, and we are proud to be counted among groups of influential thinkers, planners and doers that really do change the lives of thousands of kids in Idaho. World Portico has helped by providing structural & strategic planning, mediation, and pro-bono leadership.

Vital Voices Global Partnership & Sister Stand 
Giving women a boost and a call to action that encourages connecting worldwide. Each woman is an example of 'doing it right,' but may need encouragement to go a few steps beyond their current status and break the status quo for age, race, look, or education level.  Locally and globally, women are waking up to the awareness that all things are not equal. World Portico supports business plan development and professional review for women-operated or owned businesses. 

Dzeleimi (Jeh-LEM-ee)
Complex, sophisticated percussive music straight out of deepest spiritual and cultural traditions of West Africa. Not for the faint of heart, yet the rhythms of this group are appreciated by serious musicians world-wide.  Dzeleimi members have performed at some of the most prestigious functions and venues such as Orchestre National d'Ile de France, for the Scotland Parliament, the White House, Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, the South African National Theater, in several United States cities including Chicago, Boston, at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and across Africa. Several World Portico consultants facilitate meetings, speak at cultural education events, advise grant makers, and tour as performers.

Global Exchange | New Americans | Refugees 
World Portico consultants contribute on-going support and services to non-profits that bring people together from around the world to give support or who work to make a wide variety of cultures visible and experience exchanges accessible to everyone. We especially like and support ideas that provide fun environments for communities to experience different cultures and traditions and elevate them to "hip" rather than pushing new Americans to conform exactly to the American cultural design.