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World Portico consultants are among the best in helping to build collaborative systems, org structure, governance policies, develop content, build-out document trees including charters, uniquely design information, build outreach mechanisms, and strategic planning.  We do this through exceptional facilitation, environments and experiences. Sharp, certified, intelligent, kind, wise and creative, each consultant is deeply talented, and skilled at conveying organizational principles and context. 

Content areas of expertise include, workforce development, health initiatives and public health, education, community transformation, catastrophic disaster, cultural exchange, governance, corporate culture, organizational structure and reorganization, workforce wellness, and inclusion.  We can also produce some of the most amazing teambuilding, fundraising or skills-building sessions through unique environments and experiences.

As a diverse team of executives, director, writers, facilitators, artists, program managers, and subject matter experts, we help instill calm and clean structural order as well as energy and excitement.  We arrange and augment content/information, provide grant and program diagnostics, and help to improve stalled programs. We have worked together for years on a wide variety of projects -- each dynamic consultant has deep experience and uses proven methods. But most importantly, organizations really like their experience with us.  Clients and quotes    In addition to our core con
sultant team, we work closely with a handful of exceptional organizations on whose leadership and expertise we depend.

New projects we take on are typically word of mouth and so if you have found this site, it's likely because we know you. We're happy to know you, and thanks for visiting.
To learn more about our team and consultants, please contact us directly.