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We are a cadre of professional contractors who assemble by project to develop, launch, or re-calibrate initiatives through forums and structure. A diverse team of executives, director, writers, facilitators, program managers, and subject matter experts, we help bring order and professionalism to the complexities of setting up programs. We bring order by arranging and augmenting information, grant and program diagnostics, and helping to improve stalled programs. We do all this through exceptional facilitation, environments and experiences. We have worked together for years on a wide variety of projects -- each consultant has deep experience and uses proven methods. But most importantly, organizations really like our work.

New projects we take on are typically word of mouth and so if you have found this site, it is likely because we know you. We're       happy to know you. This site holds some basic information about our team, and is also a place where we upload some of our favorite articles about topics that are important to us. Thanks for visiting.

Our work often brings people together to 'ask the right questions'. Here is a sample that produced surprising answers:

Setup | Launch | Transition
  • Planning & launch forums
  • Focus groups, surveys, interviews
  • Rounding up stakeholder input
  • Portfolio/project tools & training
  • Grantor/funder tools & training
  • Document tree, dashboard, charter
  • Roles & archetypes 
  • Frameworks & structure
  • Governance tools & training
  • Finance & accountability package
  • Facilitation & coaching
  • Interim leadership & program mgmt.
  • Third-party facilitation 
  • Content & communications design; arrange & augment Info
  • Constraints & risk management

Assess | Repair | Grow
  • Think Tank, War Room, Common Ground Teams, forums
  • Staged assessments 
  • Strategic mapping 
  • Roles & structures analysis
  • Diagnostics
  • Governance evolution 
  • Transitional leadership
  • Pre-grant capacity growth
  • Analyze and sync content
 a la Carte
  • Exchange & adventure forums
  • Qualitative data collection & reports
  • Keynote presentations
  • Crash course training & tools
  • Board development
  • Concept graphics; graphics design
  • Facilitation
  • Subject matter expertise 
  • Outreach