Before I was born, I existed in a womb. I grew there for what felt like forever, but I now realize was not so very long. In relation to the corporeal form which I took for that time, my womb was relatively large. I co-existed with billions of other incarnations of myself, though I had no idea at the time that they were me. When I was born, my mother explained it all to me - it was a bit overwhelming, but I’d like to record that here, so when you, my child, are finally born, you might understand that I was once in your position.

While in the womb, I felt I knew a great deal. I lived as a human among many other humans, growing and learning. The universe felt large and daunting, like I could never understand it all. When I was born, I thought that I had just died. I had thought that the universe I lived in was all that there was - but I was wrong. It was merely my egg. After I was birthed, my mother hushed my cries, held me and comforted me. She explained that I was her daughter, that she had created the universe I had known in order to nurture and mature me, and that I had lived every life of every human I had ever seen or heard of, and every one I never even knew had lived. Even though I forgot my other lives as I transitioned from one life to the next, I was growing and learning the whole time. When I had come to full term, I was born.

It took me a moment to understand, as I know it will take you some time to comprehend the magnitude of it all. I am told now that I am responsible for creating a universe, a world and womb for you, my child. I remember during my gestation hearing the various tales of how my world came into being - how funny, all the names I had learned for ‘god,’ all the stories I had heard about an eternal being.... they all referred to my mother. And she is not eternal, nor am I. She tells me we exist together only for a short while. I truly wish you could meet her. She’s quite remarkable. I’m just enormously overwhelmed with the task of bringing another entity into existence, but my mother has told me that if I think back to the time before I was born, and recall the myths and legends concerning creation, that I may get some inspiration from them and so begin to craft a womb for you. 

I’m very nervous, darling. My mother is aging. She tells me that soon I will be all that is, just as she was all there was when I was being formed. It is imperative that I birth you, else all existence will cease entirely. I now understand why she formed my womb the way it was, with so many incarnations of me, so many opinions and thoughts  existing at one time - I was never lonely there. Oh, how I took my youth for granted! Everything was so simple and easy.... Anyway, I must recall now, before I have forgotten, the tales I knew of the creation of my old universe, my old home. I don’t have time to record all of the stories of creation, but I intend to chronicle those which come closest - those which recognize that all was created by some sort of parent figure or figures. I will start with my favorite - a tale told by Greeks during the earlier years of my incubation: Gaia and Uranus. 

Note: This story-telling frame was inspired by Andy Weir's poem The Egg.

Image Information: Cosmic Mother by Cancerberus01

Web Source: DeviantArt