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Information on the races for the World of Samoth can be found here. The information provided for each race and of the role of each character class for each race will help to make the World of Samoth come alive.  Readers who pay special attention to the writings found below will learn many secrets about the world which will help prepare them during the campaign.

For each race, a short description is given, including racial bonuses and penalties, if any.  Afterward, each character class is examined for each race, giving ideas for adventuring, racial advantages and disadvantages for each character class, and a "Variant", showing an example of how a particular race views the class in question.  Each variant class also contains a list of suggested skills and feats for building that particular type of character, and also a list of suggested Prestige Classes based upon the variant character concept.  Note that most of the variants described below are based on a particular area of Samoth.  Many of them are perfect for adventuring, such as the Illuminator.  For others, such as the Ryn Protector, you may assume that you have left that life and are going out into the wide open world to adventure and gain fame and fortune.  You may also work your variant class into your adventurer background (perhaps your Master in Ryn sent you out to track down an escaped criminal).  Many of these variants can easily be adapted into Prestige Classes as your character gains levels. 

Use these ideas as starting discussion points for creating or fleshing out your player character.

The Dwarves of Samoth - Shagir and
Tharrí: The dwarves are oftentimes treated as second-class citizens on Samoth, particularly in the West.  Most Shagir find it easier to make their way through life in the role of fighters or rogues.
The Elves of Samoth - Alfr and Jindu:
The Goblins of Samoth - Oubre and Bellin: Secluding themselves away from the other major races of the modern day, the goblins nevertheless are an important part of the world culture.  They are historians and storytellers, and control the only major single-race nation in the world.
The Orcs of Samoth - Kobali and Bakke
The Wraith Elves of Samoth - The Dorai: The mysterious and enigmatic race have only recently been "discovered" by the intelligent races of Samoth.  Most are rogues, although a strong tradition of sorcery exists among non-assimilated Dorai.
The Half-Breeds of Samoth - Half-Elves, Half-Goblins, and Half-Orcs
The Humans of Samoth: The most populous race on the World Continent, the humans can be found in any climate and in almost any role imaginable.

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