Federal Republic: Federation of states with a Republican form of government
Semi-Presidential: Prime minister and President handle everyday business together

I. Legal Basis
    A. Constitution of the Russian Federation
    B. Federal constitutional law: "on the government of the Russian Federation"
II. Legislature
    A. State Duma
        1. Lower house of the Federal Assembly of Russia
        2. 450 deputies
            a. Terms of four years
        3. Similar to the US House of Representatives
    B. Federation Council of Russia
        1. Upper house of the Federal Assembly of Russia
        2. 166 elected seats
        3. Two representatives from each of Russia's federal subjects
            a. Like the US Senate
III. Executive
    A. President Dmitriy Anatolyevich Medvedev is chief of state
        1. No vice president
        2. Four year term 
            a. Popular vote
IV. Prime Minister
    A. Premier Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is head of government
        1. Takes over if something happens to the president until next election
V. Judiciary
    A. Constitutional Court
        1. Rules whether or not a law or decree is contrary to the Constitution of Russia
    B. Supreme Court
        1. Court of last resort
        2. Similar to the US
    C. Supreme Court of Arbitration
        1. Court of final instance in commercial disputes
    D. General Legal System
        1. Statutes, laws and presidential decrees
VI. Political Parties
    A. United Russia
        1. 315 of the 450 seats in the State Duma
        2. Conservative, right-of-center party
    B. Communist Party
    C. Liberal Democratic Party
        1. Opposes communism and capitalism
        2. Nationalist
        3. Pro-reform Democratic
    D. Fair Russia
        1. Formerly the People's Party of the Russian Federation
        2. Socialist

Vladimir Putin