Wedding Day Countdown

So your having a wedding. Are you ready? Do you have everything organized? Well if not I have compiled a list of all the things you need to take care of and the precise timing it should be done.

10-12 months before:

Announce your engagement
Arrange a meeting with both sides of the family
Decide on a wedding date
Discuss your budget with everyone involved in the wedding
If using a wedding planner ask around for recommendations and start the interview process
Look around for reception sites
Shop for your wedding gown

7-9 months before:

Choose a wedding party
Get your bridal registry started
Order your wedding gown
Select what type of food you are having and choose a catering service
Shop for bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen tuxedos
Hire a photographer and videographer
Choose your florist
Book your DJ or band
Shop around for your cake
Shop around for wedding rings

5-7 months before:

Order or make your wedding invitations
Hire your limousine driver or other transportation
Hire your best hair stylist
Compile a guest list
Start planning your honeymoon destination
Order your rings

2-4 months before:

Send out RSVP's
Arrange your rehearsal dinner
Get fitted for tuxedos
Meet with DJ or band to discuss ceremony and reception music
Order bridesmaid gifts and groomsmen gifts
Order your wedding cake
Order your wedding favors and place card holders

5-8 weeks before:

Decide on your makeup and do a quick check over wearing your headpiece
Make any alterations to your wedding dress
Call the clercks office to find out any special requirements for your marriage-license
Decide on any critical insurance information that might need changed

2-4 weeks before:

Confirm all the details with your DJ, florist, caterer and any other service you are booking
Decide on the seating arrangements

1 week before:

Give your caterer a final count of your wedding guests
Pack for your honeymoon
Split up simple tasks between friends such as transporting all reception and ceremony items
Write a nice toast

1 day before:

Take a deep breathe your almost there.