Plan Your wedding
Plan Your Romantic Wedding That Everyone Will Remember

 Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life but it does not just happen by itself. If it is to be the special romantic day to live in your memories for the rest of your life you need to make sure every detail of every point is covered even if you think at times the romantic element of the wedding day is lost. However if the planning of your wedding is right as the big day draws near you will start seeing all the wedding plans come together at the right time. You will find our planning a wedding tips in the romantic weddings section of will make it as simple yet as exciting as possible.

Let's start with the least romantic aspect of the wedding. What will the wedding cost and who will pay for it? In some cultures it is traditional for the bride's parents to pay for the wedding and reception but it is also common for both families to share the total cost. You will initially need to establish the total budget you have to play with by meeting with both sides and get some indication of what monies, if any, each party will contribute. It is inadvisable to start a new married relationship with debts on your credit cards or bank loans as repaying these will obviously reduce the amount of money available for other purposes that will arise e.g. new babies or buying a house or even the special romantic trips/evenings on the honeymoon.

Research shows that the most common reasons for relationship difficulties is financial pressures on the couple. One person being careful and trying to save money on little things whilst seeing the other spending on what they see as unnecessary expenses even if it is not verbalised will build resentment. You don't want to go building in reasons for a potential marriage breakup through spending too much by having a huge romantic wedding or not taking opportunities to trim back some expenses to bring it back within budget.

Romantic weddings that you remember for the right reasons means budgeting each item as early as possible. Can you imagine the horror of setting carefully allocated prices against each item and spending up to your limit then finding that the amount set aside for clothes you were hiring did not include the cost of all the essential extras which cost nearly as much again. What can you do at the last minute to trim the costs of other items? Nothing can upset those carefully laid out romantic wedding planning budgets than last minute costs so leave a generous contingency fund for GENUINE emergencies.

Plan a wedding to remember but think about the cost! If you can trim just a little off the cost in say half a dozen places it could amount to a considerable saving. Will any part of the flower décor be suitable for both the ceremony and the reception? Wise spending makes a difference and if you find you are still under budget on the whole wedding you could use it for a special treat dinner during the honeymoon. What small savings can you find?