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Musings is closed.

[As of July, 2011]

Musings is currently a locked PSL (Private StoryLine) Game.

For existing players and referrals, please email applications and inquiries to: musingsmods@gmail.com

Musings has always existed, a world alongside our world.

In Musings, people live the way we do, eat the same food we do, love the same way we do, and work the same minimum wage jobs we do. The differences? They all have their roots in fictional characters, and they are immortal unless killed by accident or another's hand.

Though they are not the characters themselves, they carry in them the essences of characters from fiction. The sources that they spring from do not exist for them, but they are based on fiction we are familiar with all the same - though no one has ever read a Batman comic, there is a rich man who uses his money to fight the forces of evil that destroyed his life. Though Moby Dick was never written, a sailor still stalks the bars of a town on the sea, watching, waiting.

Now, a portal has opened between the world of Musings and the mortal world of Humanity, and the Creations (as they call themselves) have begun crossing over, some intentionally, some by accident. Here, they have abilities that they did not have in their own world, abilities that they can choose to do with what they will. There is no great prescribed fate for these echoes of fiction, only the destinies they choose to weave for themselves - living and losing on the shores of a new world.

Cast List Additions

Source TextSource CharacterCharacter NamePB
Jack and the Beanstalk Jack August Mason Darren Criss 
Indiana Jones Indiana Jones Sadie James Gina Torres 
Doctor Who River Song Angeline Falcone Agam Darshi 
Batman Mr. Freeze Casper Shepherd Richard Armitage 
How I Met Your Mother Barney Stinson Audrey Main Lucy Hale 
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