Let your music make you famous! Dennis R. Sinnott   If you’re someone who has taken up music as a hobby, or professionally, then I congratulate you. No other “essential” in life, outside of breathing and eating, has more influence on the human race. Try to get by a single day without hearing music in one form or another - unless you   stay in bed all day! I know of few if any public event - films, TV or radio shows, stage productions - that are completely void of music. Even the old silent movies had a pianist in the cinema. 

As someone who has dedicated his life thus far to music - you and I no doubt have much in common. I’m sure you’ve had tough breaks in the entertainment industry, as I have. There have certainly been huge changes in the last five years - and I don’t mind telling you it’s taken me some time to adapt to the “big shake up”. When you’ve been in the industry for forty two years it hasn’t been easy adapting to a new system! Now, I’m starting to have great success again - especially in digital. Today - anyone can be successful in music.

Contact me today and see if I can help you in one or more of your music projects!

Have a great week!  dennis@christelmusic.com  :-)

Your friend and mentor,  

Dennis R. Sinnott

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