Spectrum Icontek is a duly registered business enterprise located in 
Quezon City primarily engaged in the import and distribution of Large Format and Indoor printers, 
supplies, consumables and other related machines.
        For large format printers, Spectrum is the exclusive distributor of Icontek using Seiko-Japan 
Printheads and Leopard using Japanese made Konica Printheads. For Indoor printers, Spectrum 
distributes the Spectrum 8500 printer that can use both dye and pigment inks for maximum flexibility.
        Spectrum carries the Spectrum Ink line of solvent inks for XAAR, SIEKO, and KONICA 
Printheads. The Inks are specially formulated for vivid, long lasting colors. Nano technology 
pigments reduces clogs are stable even during humid climates. Spectrum inks are Cyclohexanone 
free which means low odor and a healthier environment even in cramped working areas. For 
those who prefer the inks that came with their printers, original factory inks certified by SEIKO 
and KONICA are always kept in stock.
        Spectrum also distribuses the spectrum HF Welder for seaming flex banner and canvas. The 
Laser guided HF Welder produces PERFECT seams all the time. With about the same power 
requirement as an ordinary hot air welder, the HF welder is able to seam perfectly at up to 4m per 
minute vastly improving production efficiency as well as reducing cost and wastage.
        A strong technical team as well as close coordination with technicians in China ensure the 
smooth operation of the machines. On top of this, Spectrum maintains and runs several machines 
in its facility to serve as bak-up for clients thereby enabling a "Virtual NO Breakdown Warranty" for 
all machines it  sells. It is a warranty that only Spectrum Icontek offers to its client.