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Masaaki-'IMAI'-Award  winning Coach and Author of 'World-Of-Kaizen' Shyam Talawadekar.

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Shyam Talawadekar as Keynote-Speaker on 'Employee-Excellence For Operational-Excellence' by Kaizen-Institute at HYATT Pune

Keynote-Speech Part 1-of-3: How To Tackle Challenges To Lean Journey-To-Excellence 

Keynote-Speech Part 2-of-3: How Gemba-Kaizen helps Journey To Lean / Excellence ?
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Keynote-Speech Part 3-of-3: Respect-People To Achieve Lean / Excellence
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Shyam Talawadekar in action, coaching Top-management on 'The Toyota-Kaizen Approach'

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Coaching Top-management on 'The Toyota-Way-To-Engage-People'
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Coaching Top-management on 'Toyota-Way-JIT, Lean & Kaizen-Cost'
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View CLOCK-Team Learning at Mahindra & Mahindra, Igatpuri.

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Top-management of
 ABC-NISSAN Motors Mauritius on 

 Do we deliver 'Delightful Quality
 Three Levels of Quality
 Who's responsible for Quality
 Big-Quality vs Small-Quality
 Why do Customers Quit?
 What & Why of Indifference in dealing with Customer
 Internal Customer-in-Crisis
1.0 Journey of a Crisis-Company to a Kaizen-Company ..Video-view 
2.0 Kaizen Examples ..Video-view
3.0 Kaizen types, NVA, Waste in a Non-Kaizen Company ..Video-view
4.0 Kaizen for Zero-Defect journey ..Video-view
5.0 Zero-Defect by Commercial-Kaizen ..Video-view
6.0 Andon. Why-Small-Kaizen? 130300-principle. Internal-Customer ..Video-view

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Leadership &

1.0 What is IQ: Intelligence Quotient, PQ: Practice Quotient, EQ: Emotional Quotient, SQ: Spiritual Quotient? ..Video-view
How to advance the journey from IQ-to-PQ-to-EQ-to-SQ pragmatically? ..Video-view
1.01 Why people stick to status-quo? How to get them out of their complacency? ..Video-view

2.0 How to engage people by balancing the mix of Trust, Empowerment, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Ego & Self/Esteem? ..Video-view
2.01 Power doesn't come from outsideHow to empower the-self? ..Video-view

3.0 Need-and-Want versus Confusion-on-Goals: Personal, Corporate and Holistic. ..Video-view

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Gemba-Kaizen In-Action ! ... Click here for Video-view

Kaizen in FINANCE Department of an MNC
Kaizen-Practised by 5-S, TPM, SMED & Daily-Management (Nichijo-Kanri) in a Business-Unit of an MNC
5-S to remove Dirty-Danger-Difficult (3-D) situations in a Workshop of an Indian MNC