Specific Services Offered

Our Activity Areas and Services Offered 

What-n-How? - Education and Training on Implementation and Handholding organization-wide transformation initiatives (as follows).

P-D-C-A Cycle of the Road-Map To Continual Improvement Process To Attain LEAN Objectives & Deming-Award Level

(Note - Kaizen-tools in the figure are interlinked. They need to be practised in an integrated manner on the way to establishing Continual Improvement Kaizen-Culture in an organization. Hence 
for greater effectiveness, the
sequence of the key milestones may get reorganized as per organization-specific situations.)

What Benefits do you achieve after the Transformation? - We help fruition client's Vision and Mission year-after-year.
1. Achieve quantum improvements in Quality, Cost, Throughput-time (Order-to-Delivery) and Space required (by a streamlined workflow).
2. Articulate Core Organisational Values, Vision, and Mission.
3. Arrive at Company-wide Strategic Plan & Action Items to improve the internal capability to achieve AOP & KRAs.

4. Bring together international 'best/benchmark practices' and local conventions to develop a flexible and efficient organization.
5. Prepare internal Auditors for ISO/TS, QS 9000, ISO 14000. 
6. Design Team-based Matrix Organization Structure, Performance Management Processes 
(including Measurement Indices & Review) in order to sustain Individual & Team Performance in any discipline (Marketing, Manufacturing, Finance, Administration, etc). 

7. Implement LEAN culture using Toyota Management ApproachWorld Class Management/TQM, TPM, etc.

8. Integrate Zero Inventory Management/JIT, Kanban, Five-S, TPM, TQC, TQM, etc. under Kaizen umbrella. 

9. Integrate statutory standards such as ISO/TS/QS with Continual Improvement Culture Kaizen

10. Bring about change in attitude & culture in the organization to move from fire-fighting to proactively face customer and competition.
11. Develop organization structure (Self-Managed-Teams and Cross-Functional Teams) - for Continual Improvement through Problem solving, Improved Daily management, Strategic management.

What More? -
 We impart Implementation Knowledge & Skill-sets on following initiatives through Hands-on & Public education. 

Why? - To Challenge Zero-Targets (viz. Zero-Defects, Zero-Breakdowns, Zero-Delivery Misses, etc.)                          

1. Lean Management SystemsThe TOYOTA Way – Value Stream Maps/Goals, TQC, TQM, JIT, TPM, SMED (Set-up reduction), PokaYoke (Error-Proofing), Taguchi Methods, 5-S (The keys to Improvements), Kobetsu-Kaizen Projects.       

2. Gemba Kaizen Workshop on 5-S, Jishu-Hozen and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM

3. Six-SIGMA, Total Quality Management (TQM) and Value Adding Management (VAM)

4. Kaizen (By far the Best known Powerful Mind-training system for - Motivation Management, Attitude transformation, - Creating Continual Improvement Culture, - LEAN Management

5. Hoshin-Kanri (Policy Deployment - the Japanese alternative to MBO) with Nichijo Kanri (Daily Management) and Benchmarking

6. Just-In-Time (JIT - Zero Inventory System), Kanban, Cellular layouts, Group Technology  

7. Small Group Improvement Activity - Quality Control Circles, Cross Functional Improvement Teams and Use of SPC Tools           

8. ISO 9000, ISO 14000, QS9000, TS16949 Awareness and Continual Improvement Audit           

9. Behaviour Modulation Techniques, Emotional Intelligence and Kaizen Leadership Development for Culture-Change

10. Self-Managed (Directed) Team Building and Leadership development for LEAN implementation

(* Duration and course contents are subject to CUSTOMIZATION based on target audience's need for objectivity in deliverables.)

What More? – Educate and Develop Value-Chain (‘Supply-Chain’) to enable JIT supply to end Consumer Education on Kaizen for the Value-Chain (or called as Supply-Chain Kaizen) is in line with the TQM motto: ‘Quality at Source’. 

We believe that costs and zero-defect delivery are most effectively tackled ‘at source' rather than post-mortem and firefighting. 

We educate client’s vendors to be self-certified and World-class JIT-suppliers to the value-chain. 
Short-listing of suppliers is done based on client priorities, requirements, vendor rating systems and experience. 

What More? Continuously Learning Organisation's Combine for Knowledge-pool (CLOCK- Learn More about CLOCK

What More? Activities are undertaken by our Business Valuation and Surveyor Division are - Business Valuation, Plant and Equipment Survey, Management Audits and Statutory Safety Audits.

Apart from the above Standard Programmes, we have been conducting customized programmes such as follows.

1. Lean Performance Management Systems as an HRD initiative,
2. Standardized Work Management for Managers, Officers, Grass Root level Associates,
3. Bringing Lean Practice to the Desktop,
4. Creating Lean in Support Services (Sales, Marketing, Finance, Engineering, Information Flow, etc.),
5. Quality Quizzes for Employee Involvement, Assessments, Audits, etc.

What action do I take now? 

If you are a corporate entity or an 'Industry Association', contact us NOW with your specific Training and Consulting Needs.