Customised Course Modules

Around March-end each year we help companies to deploy their AOP & KRA strategies supported by annual training-calendar 
so that AOP is executed in a time-bound manner across the company. 

Do mail your specific needs so that we can send you custom-specific details of the following training modules
Also available at concessional fees: SOHO Modern-Gurukul style personal-coaching to a small-focused-group primarily in INDIVIDUAL capacity.

Partial-list of modules of some coaching we have done:

Module 01.1 Kaizen Awareness 
Module 01.3 Kaizen for Performance Excellence (Top Management)
Module 01.3 Kaizen: A key to improve Performance Quality, Productivity And Profitability
Module 01.31 Kaizen Awareness & CA-Current Assessment 
Module 01.5 Kaizen Awareness & Gemba Kaizen

Module 02.1 Plant round for Current Assessment (CA) of CA-PDCA Audit
Module 02.2 Interim-Audit Support by PDCA Audits

Module 03.1 Lean Implementation plan
Module 03.21 Team Alignment Fitness Meter

Module 04.1 Top Management Kaizen Alignment
Module 04.2 Advanced Kaizen: Turbo-Kaizen Projects deployed from Hoshin-Kanri

Module 05.1 Train-The-Trainers - Overview
Module 05.3 Top management PQI: Personal-Quality-Initiative

Module 06.2 Seven-step Kobetsu-Kaizen & SGA: Small-Group-Activity
Module 06.20 Team Based Management 
Module 06.21 Seven-step Kaizen & SGA Quality Circle
Module 06.21a SGA Quality Circle using 7-Quality-Tools
Module 06.21 Seven-step Planning-n-Time Management Skills
Module 06.22 Seven-step Innovation Management

Module 06.23 Planning, Organising-n-Time Management Skills

Module 06.3 Core-Team Gemba-Kaizens
Module 06.31 Core-Team Turbo-Kaizen Blitz - Improve Kaizen Quality
Module 06.33 Kaizen Awareness For Union leaders
Module 06.34 Gemba-Kaizen for working associates

Module 06.4 PQI by Internal customer delight Kaizens
Module 06.41 PQI & Leadership Management
Module 06.42 BMT & Negotiation Skills
Module 06.61 Gemba Kaizen for Suppliers in Value-Chain 

Module 08.1 Kaizen Monitor & Weekly Review Meeting

Module 09.1 Daily QCM for daily management (Nichijo-Kanri)
Module 09.2 Daily QCM Monitor - Audit

Module 10.0 BMT Leadership styles

Module 11.1 Kaizen-Audit training
Module 11.2 Kaizen-Audit - Gap Analysis
Module 11.4.1 Kaizen Visits to learning organisations 
Module 11.4.2 On-going Learning (Kaizen CLOCK)
Module 11.4.4 Audit-Gap Analysis Kaizen CLOCK

Module 12.1 Kobetsu Kaizen: Process Mapping Kaizens for Business
Module 13.10 Five-S in 5-days
Module 13.11 Five-S Journey to TPM,TQC,JIT - 5-keys to Improvement
Module 13.12 Deployment of Jishu-Hozen
Module OPL: Generate One-Point-Lessons & PDCA Audits

Module 14.10 TPM for Reliable and Just-In-Time Value delivery to Customer
Module 14.11 Preparation for Five-S to TPM 

Module 14.4 Five-S training  programme for Trainers
Module 14.41 Plant-wide Seiri, Seiton focused projects
Module 14.51 Model machine Principles and Practice by TPM 
Module 15.11 Five-S in Office

Module 16.10 TPM in 10-days
Module 18.2 Rationalisation of maintenance practice by TPM 
Module 19.11 Nichijo-Kanri
Module 20.1 OEE improvement focused projects by TPM 
Module 21.1 Reactive FMEAs focused projects
Module 22.1 Proactive FMEAs focused projects

Module 23.1 Hoshin-Kanri & Benchmarking

Module 26.1 Five-S Audit-cum-level fixing-and-training

Module 29.11 Quality Maintenance focused projects
Module 29.13 QFD: Quality Function Deployment focused projects

Module 30.0 Pokayoke For Zero-Defect Operations
Module 33.10 Initial-Flow-Control
Module 35 SMED For Quick Response
Module 36.1 Just-In-Time Operations

Reiki in Stress Management