Gemba-Kaizen To Improve Morale, Performance And Productivity

Gemba-Kaizen Events in order to drive Dreams, Missions, Goals, 
Customer-centric KRAs, Annual-Improvement-Plans (AOP), Behavioral-Change & Improvement Culture on Fast-track

Make your organization livelier by Strategic Kaizen-action in 5-days for 

immediate visible results on  QUALITY, PRODUCTIVITY, Enhanced Morale & Enhanced PEOPLE Involvement-Engagement!

Usually in daily life when one comes across "problems" or in a positive sense one gets "opportunities to make improvements", typically one behaves in two extreme ways. 

One: After giving first-aid treatment one tends to carry on with business-as-usual. Affected bosses thereafter end up 'lecturing' the concerned at the most stressing "no repetition please". 

Two: In case of a major crisis, one tends to forget working deep on it after the first-aid at the most until finally forgetting-it in due course. One reason for such behavior may be complacency. Other reason may be over-dependence on a lot of "data validation" and "data analytics" needed to tackle problems at a deeper level. So, as a natural consequence, it gets postponed. It gathers dust until finally gets forgotten. When the crisis recurs or newer-crises crop up, once again the most affected bosses come out of their den and furiously give 'lecture' to the concerned. The behavior oscillates between two extremes. 

What is the result of this? 

i/ Similar problem or crisis recurs enhancing the corresponding Cost-of-Poor-Quality (CoPQ). 
ii/ In either of the approaches above, the morale of not only self-n-subordinates goes down but also that of the concerned stakeholders. 
iii/ Everyone gets furious over the indifference of everyone else including that of the concerned service providers: Indifference to the facts that are otherwise easily visible and capturable at the happening-site (Gemba) if done immediately in real (i. e. in Genjitsu) time. 

Many might be unaware that there is a third-approach: The Gemba-Kaizen approach. 

It gives complete relief from shortfalls of the above 2-approaches particularly from the dependence on postponed "data analytics". In addition, it gives more than 70% of sustainable-desired-relief within a couple of improvement P-D-C-A cycles of Instant©Kaizens, pre-empting most of the indifference encountered above. 

What is Gemba-Gembutsu-Genjitsu Kaizen?

The Gemba-Kaizen approach was first adopted by Toyota. It's based on the premise - that one can't swim by reading books, - that 70% of learning and development happens by action on the job. 

Gemba approach takes care of most of the above shortfalls. It goes past the 1st-aid-mode in order to make sustainable improvements at root-cause level while at the same time improving the morale of all the concerned.

No doubt that data is a must for problem-solving. But it takes a lot of time to fetch it by conventional means. By the time data is collected more problems erupt. Instead in Gemba-Kaizen approach, there are unconventional ways to 'foresee' most "data" ("tacit-data" in particular) right-then-&-there (Genjitsuby studying hard-material-pieces (Gembutsuon-the-spot (Gemba) and to use it for "analytics" followed by Genjitsu-action.

Gemba-Gembutsu-Genjitsu Kaizen is a holistic organizational work-culture rather behavioral-change workshop that habituates employees in bringing about improvements in their day-to-day work and thereby improve not only customer-satisfaction but their own satisfaction as well

Rather than sitting in offices to solve problem-on-paper-data or giving frustrating-lectures refereed above, it's a real-time (Genjitsuaction at real-workplace (Gemba) by touching-n-feeling the real-problem-pieces-&-areas (Gembutsu) involving all associates and managers of the workplace. A result is a number of Instant©Kaizens.
This specially designed action-packed program is used by us successfully in more than 100-companies in India & abroad. It has, inter-alia, assisted both manufacturers as well as service companies alike to improve business processes/results as well as communication, morale, empowerment, trust & adaptability to change. It has given a glimpse of improved
productivity-quality-cost-delivery-employee.morale-flexibility-safety-health-environment (PQCDEFSHE) almost instantaneously (Instant©Kaizens) along with an integrated prescription to attain balance 30% results, if any, multiply & sustain both with the help of Distant©Kaizens.  

Gemba-Gembutsu-Genjitsu Kaizen Action

It is built around a 5-day systematic approach to improvement. It begins with awareness building. It concludes with actual on the job visible improvements done along with an action plan to sustain the same. 

The introductory module on day-1 generates awareness and teaches the concepts needed for initiating action with the commitment of Top & Senior team. The next 3-days focus on Action-Cycle involving managers, staff & associates of a pilot cell/department and provide them the skills needed. In order to facilitate action/s to improve the workplace, each module may feature simple Kaizen tools in general and specific tools such as 5-S, TPM, Pokayoke, etc. in particular, as required by the KPI improvements in the KRAs and Mission/s in mind.

The stress is on `doing-it-now' rather than `talking-in-air' (evaporating the 'lip-service' thereafter). 

The 5-day training module/s* that makeup Gemba-Gembutsu-Genjitsu-Kaizen programme are as follows.  

Typical Kaizens on a 3-D Theme (See as in 'Do')


The 5-day training module/s*

1/ Kaizen Awareness. How does it improve Performance and KRAs. Top management commitment.

2/ Initiate team Kaizen Cycle-1 in order to pluck low-hanging fruits in priority areas: Instant©Kaizen

3/ Share implemented Kaizens. Learn simple Kaizen tools.

4/ Recognise. Rotate team-Kaizen Cycle-II in order to make next level improvements.

5/ Plan of Action (POA) to implement Distant©Kaizens. Strategic road-map to sustain Kaizen-culture.

This is also a typical One-Point-Lesson SOP!
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What do the participants learn? 

The modules assist participants to:

1.    Identify gaps in desired & current level of customer satisfaction on quality-cost-delivery parameters
2.    Define & prioritize corresponding problem areas in the value-chain and processes
3.    Analyse & unearth root-causes (by p
riority matrix, cause-effect diagrams, 5-why & 5w1h analysis)
4.    Implement countermeasures on root-causes of problems along-with
One-Point-Lesson SOPs (SDCA).
5.    Measure and monitor (sustainability of) performance
6.    Improve work attitudes by recognizing and respecting people
7.    Evolve POA to
excel performance & sustain by making continual improvements as ‘a way of life'
8. Above all, to learn the benefits and importance of going to workplace to solve problems rather than getting stuck in ivory towers (paralysis-by-analysis)

Agenda of 5-day Gemba-Gembutsu-Genjitsu Kaizen

Kaizen Awareness, Link to improving KRAs & Top management commitment (For TopSenior team & MR: Management Representative)

This powerful, cognitive module highlights importance of directing resources & activities toward Kaizen as a strategy to meet & exceed customer requirements. 

Participants learn about continuous improvement P-D-C-A cycles and its vital role-played in Japanese organisation's success. 

They learn to recognise value of communication, cooperation & commitment in addressing internal & external customer needs. They discover personal and organisational benefits of Kaizen strategy in improving & achieving KRAs. They are introduced to `do-it-now` & implement the improvements on-the-job.

: Initiate Kaizen Cycle-I (For MR
managers and selected staff of a pilot cell/department)

Continuous improvement means determining and understanding customer requirements, analysing a processes, and implementing improvement plans. 

Participants learn to define link between internal-customer requirements & external-customer satisfaction, identify gap/s between current & the desired situation & instantly rotate a P-D-C-A cycle each on targeted (prioritised) specific improvement opportunities in order to pluck low-hanging fruitsInstant©Kaizens.

Recognise: Share implemented Instant©Kaizens & learn simple Kaizen tools (For MRmanagers and selected staff of the pilot)

Participants learn to create a Kaizen-listening-platform, appreciate each other's efforts. They share the Instant©Kaizens done on previous day & experience the attitude-building process. They also learn some simple Kaizen tools that can be used across the organisation. They create typical One-Point-Lessons as SOP.

: Rotate Kaizen Cycle- II 
(For Top TeamMRmanagers and selected staff of the pilot)

After the 1st cycle of improvement is rotated, further investigation and fact-finding is needed to identify root-causes as also locate additional low-hanging fruits

Participants learn to identify possible root-causes. They use CEdac (cause-effect-diagram-with-addition-of-cards) in order to analyse the impact & inter-relationship of various causes. They use a Pareto-Chart to prioritize root-causes to be eliminated. The corresponding continuous improvement efforts help employees to solve the problem/s as also to prevent it from recurring. Same thing is done on additional low-hanging fruits.

Participants learn to respect, help & learn from each other in team. Thereby they get a 360-degree view of technical & behavioral aspects of problem solving.

: Plan of Action to Sustain 
(For TopSenior team & MR)

This sub-module helps participants mature the One-Point-Lessons as SOPs in order to ensure that continuous improvement ideas are sustained and not lost. 

They learn how to - plan successful implementation, - monitor & measure improvement results, - make improvement-culture as part of their organisation's SOP. 

They learn to prepare a rough-cut long-term improvement plan and road-map to implement Distant©Kaizens that help moving towards their Dreams-&-Missions by additional Gemba-Kaizen events

Although the workshop is a continuous 5-day OJT, it may be customized to deliver over 12-weeks time-frame depending on your needs to do it in a Focused-Gemba

A chosen Focused-Gemba could be as follows depending upon where you wish to have high-impact in terms of KRAs and KPI results.

  1. a given workplace in a back-office, or in a front-office such as lobby in a hospitality industry
  2. on a factory-floor, or in a utility room
  3. in-field-area of a specific branch, location or function such as Human Resources, Operations, Marketing, or at Customer-end or at Supply-chain-end. 

                                                                                                                                (*The key milestones may, however, be reorganized for greater effectiveness).

Target Audience: 

A couple of workplace-teams along-with their managers where Top management of a company is committed to implementing Kaizen as a business-strategy to make focused improvements in PQCDEFSHE related identified result measures in a focused Gemba in real-time

Prior to engaging above audience in a Focused-Gemba, a 1-day awareness module specially designed for Top-team (decision makers) on 'How to achieve KRAs by Kaizen-strategy' and 'How to choose a Focused-Gemba' shall enhance effectiveness and sustainability of the results achieved at the end of Gemba-Kaizen workshops. 


Benefits of this skill-based approach to continuous improvement include:
1.      Organisations learn to integrate continuous improvement process in their daily business operations as also focus it towards vision-mission-annual-operating plans.
2.      It reshapes behavior & thinking of employees that bring about change in corporate culture evident in terms of improvements they make in their day-to-day work.
3.      It accelerates the improvement process by focusing on building quality of people, to help them initiate, carry out and benefit at the personal level.
4.      Above all, the organization quickly benefits in terms of improved KPIs at the end of a couple of Instant©Kaizen improvement (P-D-C-A) cycles.

Course Material: The book '
How To Enable A Change Process
Start With Self! Take Personal Quality Initiative (PQI) In Gemba Kaizen!! Nurture Team-Based Continual Improvements' !!! by Shyam Talawadekar
                                                                                                                                                                             Typical Improved KPIs 
                                                                                                                at the end of a couple of Instant©Kaizen cycles

Gemba-Kaizen Events & A Review-Calendar

Do you know that 'Kaizen as a strategy' is responsible for the competitive success of Japanese companies! 
However, most practitioners across the world discount it to be 'merely a tool for workers'!

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