Coaching, Consultations, Assessment Visit, Audits, Lectures, Tests/Quizzes

1.0: Coaching, Consultations on AOP & KRA strategies supported by an Annual Training-Calendar

1/ Around March-end each year we help companies to deploy their AOP & KRA strategies supported by annual training-calendar. We help them in executing the AOP across the company in a time-bound manner by involving your strategy-&-operations-teamDo ask for the steps that we take. 

2/ If you mail your specific needs based on guidelines in points here-under, we may be able to send you custom-specific agenda, steps &/or next action. For our standard courses, preliminary visit may not be necessary. Thereby you may be able to save on corresponding Visits and Fees as here-under

Please visit our web-page titled Sample-Courses-Offered to get an idea on model-outlines of some of our courses for instance that of 'Gemba-Kaizen' if that is of your interest. The corresponding course contents therein may get modified for customised needs.  

*    *    *    *    *

2.0: Guidelines for Current-Assessment Visit and Fees 
(Rather than 'Fees' our input is long-term 'Investment' that gives you multi-fold return-on-investment. It gives you recurring returns while building your people & company on the Journey-to-Excellence!)

1/ We may undertake preliminary current-assessmentfree-of-chargeif done concurrently during faculty visit for an " ‘Awareness' program for strategic 'Kaizen-LEAN' & 'Gemba-Kaizen' " (a minimum 2-day event). This is subject to getting replies to our DIAGNOSTIC questionnaire at least 7-days ahead of the course/session

2/ However if assessment is undertaken separately, fee to the extent of One or More Faculty Man-day/s (along-with stay, travel, local-n-outstation pick-up) is payable for current-assessment visit. This shall depend upon the extent of comprehensiveness and objective of the audit/assessment.

3/ Fees paid for assessment shall be partially-redeemable at a later date. That means we shall give you one-time redemption not exceeding 30% (Thirty percent) of the assessment fees as follows: a) half of it against the first bill for implementation assignment. b) a quarter against Video/Tele/Chat consultations subject to conditions detailed hereunder. c) a quarter against course material and purchase of our Books and Publications if available in stock with us. d) This will come with an additional facility of an hours' study-interaction on the books with the Author. The set-off is valid only for the FIRST VISIT made to the company prior to undertaking on-going work from the client, and that no other discounts are offered, and provided the redemption facility is availed of within one-month of such assessment visit.

4/ Limited number off FREE* Video/Tele/Chat consultations not exceeding 1/2 (half) an hour at a time are provided for on-going retainer implementation projects only. Maximum once per week with prior booking/appointment only (on the link ) followed by a confirmation e-mail ( * T&C apply.) Under special circumstances this facility may be extended to 'some prospective-clients' for a couple of slots only if consumed within a couple of weeks of the first call. This facility is to save the 'prospective-clients' of the current-assessment fees.

*    *    *    *    *

3.0: Guidelines to make 'Video or Telephone-Consultation' and/or the 'Current-Assessment Visit' more effective!

E-mail brief-information about the following in advance.

1/ List down 
not less than 5 queries/questionsconcerns & problems lingering on top of your mind regarding your business bottlenecks/issues
    (1.1) Bring out top-3 priorities from among the above that you wish to address first (say, during the first couple of weeks/months/quarters as the case may be).
    (1.2) What are the 'current (last 3-years' trend)' and 'desired' levels of business-measures for each of the above, the 
top-3 priorities in particular? You may be able to establish an impact of these on corresponding business-level performance measures if & when the corresponding improvement initiatives are implemented adequately.

A Must for site-visit-based consultation 
2/ Company background in terms of - product profile, - sales turnover, - number-off locations, - Major Input Material supplies (with a brief on Supply-chain issues), - occupied area, - number-off employees per location (marked on local & corporate organisation structure), and - location-wise % contribution to Group's sales turnover (STO).
3/ Mark process-flow arrows & bottleneck processes/workplaces (affecting business measures & value-chain) on block-diagram-plant-layout or on floor-plan of the company-site.
4/ Mark location of the pilot where you wish to begin the improvement-management-initiative. 
5/ Expected outcome/timeline of the change-management-initiative that you desire (short-term, mid-term, long-term over 3-years)
6/ Status of current and forthcoming initiatives (quality management and industry certifications, etc.) with supporting, if any, with reference to (w.r.t.) the above points.
7) Scope-of-work that you have in mind w.r.t. above points (w.r.t. the top-3 concerns in particular). 

There is a better chance of understanding your need and accordingly address your queries in an effective & value-adding manner if the above information is received adequately

This may also help 
bringing in, a focus on the mutually deliverable agenda.

*    *    *    *    *

4.0: What value-addition you may expect at the end of the current-assessment?

If our diagnostic questionnaire for need-assessment is answered adequately, you can surely expect tangible as well as intangible value-addition at the end of each of the sessions/visits as follows.

4.1: In case of On-going Video-Conference, Telephone-Conference or Chat; 'Retainer-type' arrangement in particular, you can expect to integrate our inputs smoothly in your 'strategy-implementation-plan'. This can be an on-going corrective mechanism.

4.2: You may expect the following in case of preliminary current-assessment (Duration: a 1-day or 2-day event)
Target Audience: Primarily the MR & CEO only (since this is not a training visit). 
  1. Opening meeting followed by a workplace (gemba) round alongwith the MR &/or CEO only
  2. A preliminary diagnosis will be made based on work-sampling during the workplace (gemba) round. Wherever needed, this may be followed by a data-based incisive assessment with the corresponding business-heads/teams. 
  3. A preliminary report shall be submitted (with VISUALs, if any) that is ACTIONABLE in order to address the diagnosed concern/s. 
  4. A brief awareness session might be possible (if necessary) on the steps and milestones of the possible improvement journey. 
  5. In the closing meeting, ‘What Next’ action to be taken for implementation shall be finalized.
4.3: In case of comprehensive current-assessment or comprehensive strategic-audits (Duration: Additional day/s in addition to the above depending upon scope of work, size, nature, geographic single/multi-location, etc. of business units under consideration)
  1. In addition to the above agenda, we may be able to give a judgmental score vis-a-vis that of a typical model-work-place.
  2. We may choose a pilot and make required preparation for organising implementation in the pilot.
Next step is the coaching and hand-holding for the IMPLEMENTATION itself .....

*    *    *    *    *

5.0 Video & Telephone-Conference

These, with a thorough consultation through video in particular, are supposed to have convenience of instant access at an affordable denomination.

Depending upon the chosen package, the AGENDA in these sessions may consist of:
1. Evaluate the detailed Initial Intake Form (received as in 3.0 above). Understand specifics. 
2. Diagnose and identify root causes of the issues. 
3. Customize an effective strategy to solve the challenges.
4. Follow up sessions may include: - Monitor progress 
- Make changes and updates to plan if required 
- Address concerns and questions on top-3 priorities in particular 
- Any other specific related questions

5.1 Steps for Video & Telephone-Conference and Fees

1. Send request on to book a slot for the Video call.
2. In order to support the Agenda, send information as in item-3.1 in particular as above. 
3. Pay fees for the Video Conference (Easy to Pay On-Line – Please ask for details.) Payment must be made within 3 days of appointment confirmation or prior to the commencement of the consultation, whichever is earlier.

4. Client To Host a session on ZOOM or GOOGLE-Meet! 
Alternatively, Log-in to your SKYPE account. (You may need to open new one if you don't have it) ................ >>>
"Search" for "Shyam Talawadekar" ................ >>>
Begin by clicking ''Video call'' as per the scheduled date and time................. >>>

Please Note!!!

Video-Conference, Telephone-Conference or Chat can be had only with mutually convenient prior-appointment-&-engagement of slots. 

Custom-made Lectures, Kaizen tests/quizzes, etc. are arranged by Video-Conference or Video-view

Executive-Mentoring Consultations can be arranged by Video-Conference, Telephone-Conference, Chat or in SOHO Modern-Gurukul style. This is primarily conducted by our chief mentor/coach Mr Shyam Talawadekar except under special circumstances.
(Video-Quality subject to internet speed.)


Depending upon the content, efforts needed & the type of engagement as in the table hereunder, guidelines for the AFFORDABLE fees are as follows: (Ask for a Proforma Quote)

For One-time Telephone-Conference or Chat at per-hour charge of just around 3 % of our 1-man-day charges. Email support for 20 days after consultation.

For Retainer On-going Telephone-Conference or Chat at per-month charge of just around 10 % of our 1-man-day charges.  
Duration: One-hour-per-week supplemented by follow-up support, if warrantedFollow-up support may consist of limited emailing on specific issues related to the initially chosen priority areas. Response within 1-2 days for emails (8:00am – 8:00pm).

For One-time Video-Conference at per-hour charge of about 6 % of our 1-man-day chargesEmail support for 30 days after consultation.

For Retainer On-going Video-Conference at per-month charge of just about 20 % of our 1-man-day charges.  
Duration: One-hour-per-week supplemented by follow-up support, if warranted. Follow-up support may consist of unlimited texting & emailing on specific issues related to the initially chosen priority areas. Response for texts within 1-2 hours & 1-2 days for emails (8:00am – 8:00pm).

Learning Intensity & Objectives

Typical Program Spread and Coverage over weeks








Knowledge level 


Comprehensive-assessment *

(*with improvement suggestions)

12-tele-sessions of 1-hour each 

1 or 2-days



Awareness using our Publications as course material. Case-study approach to evolve Tentative Plan of Action.

Business-specific Need-assessment is done and aligned to your strategy!

Audit Scores'Where do you stand' vs 'Where you want to go' !

Application level (As Coordinator/PractitionerTrainer/Auditor/Mentor) for Practical understanding

(This part will be conducted on the concept of our knowledge-cluster management called clock so as to make the learning economical!)

3 + 10-days (spread over  10-weeks)



Application: ‘Train-The-Trainers to create fast-track Demo-Pilot by Gemba-Kaizen practice hand-held by an expert faculty. 

Reinforce Principles & infrastructure needed to implement Company-wide. Evolve tentative road-map.

Advanced level 

Tools Application 

Scale-up & Certification

(This part will be conducted on the concept of our knowledge-cluster management called clock !)



Focused implementation of each Pillar (to core/depth) 

Improvement tools SMEDPM AnalysisPokayoke, OPL, etc

Company-wide on-going implementation as per road-map

Need-based Site-Visits will be charged extra!

 * Key milestones may get reorganized & reworked for depth & for greater effectiveness depending upon audience/duration/objective of the course as in the table above. 

For effective results, please ask for diagnostic questions on the above points & reply before the course.

*    *    *    *    *

6.0 Certificate Courses

For SOHO Modern-Gurukul style personal-coaching to a small-focused-group primarily in INDIVIDUAL capacity: (Language: English/Marathi/Hindi)

per/day 10-to-20 % of our 1-man-day charges as a special case depending upon chosen course modules

This facility is primarily 
for INDIVIDUALSWorking lunch & tea provided. 
Minimum group of 5-participants is essential. 

Duration: 1-day for standard course as follows:

Each MonthLean 10-Step Process with brief on tools such as Hoshin-Kanri, Gemba-Kaizen, Five-S, TPM, JIT, SMED, Nichijo-KanriSmall-Group-Activity & necessary BMT Skills (with enhanced focus on one tool as needed by the group)

Jan-July: Gemba-Kaizen To Improve Morale, Performance And Productivity 

Feb-AugustFive-S for Safety, Health & Environment 

March-September: Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

April-OctoberInnovation Management as a Daily Business

May-November: Behavior Modulation Technique BMT & Negotiation Skills


Hoshin-Kanri & Benchmarking

Course MaterialOne relevant course book FREE. Additional course books available at a special discounted price.
Calendar: First Saturday or Sunday of every month (subject to mutually beneficial change)

For Management (MBA) and Engineering students: All above charges at HALF the fees if slots are available and are booked well in advance. 

Payment Terms: Pay in advance to book the training slots.
*    *    *    *    *
For Video-view-based training: Ask for Concessional Rates. 

You SAVE a lot ! 
The above arrangement saves you more than 75 % of our normal charges apart from saving on travel/commuting time & overheads.
(Ask for SPECIAL Concession for Students & Ask for Custom-terms)

*    *    *    *    *
 We solicit your co-operation in this environment-friendly endeavor.