Welcome to World of FilkCraft!  If you're wondering what filking is, check out the wikipedia article.  Basically, this is a site where I'm sharing my love for recreating popular songs with lyrics related to World of Warcraft or gaming culture in general.  I hope this site allows other people to enjoy what I've done and hopefully to participate!

Here's some high praise we recieved from someone on WoW Insider.  I couldn't have said it better myself:

" The best song parodies have an extraordinary knack for making the listener laugh at the new material while simultaneously reminding them of the original lyrics (meter, rhyme scheme, subject matter, original artist's phrasing, etc.). It's one of those things that is much harder to pull off than you might think, as the loads of bad song parodies out there routinely prove. Yes, it's true: comedy is hard.

The World of Filkcraft folk are making some of the best WoW parodies out there, bar none. Their ability to match lyrics to sources as diverse as Oasis, Disney, and Gerry Rafferty (Gerry Rafferty!) is impressive.

Oh, and FWIW, the Eminem "Stan" parody Aquilae did with Darkpippi is nothing short of jaw-droppingly brilliant."