World Overview

The World of Anon is a role-playing game campaign setting inspired in the fantasy tradition of Dungeons and Dragons.  Originally created using the 2nd edition AD&D rules the campaign's recent revival (2009) has used the D&D 3.5 rules.  The content and themes can be adapted and used for any fantasy game setting.  The emphasis for the setting has always been story telling and role-playing with a good amount of hack and slay thrown in for pleasure.
The World of Anon was forged in 1992 by a group of college friends who played Dungeons & Dragons.  The players adventured for several years developing a diverse group of player characters.  The campaign world hibernated f0r nearly 15 years after the demise of the players adventuring party The Weary Travelers.
Content for the campaign has been created and gathered over 30 years of fantasy role-playing from the creator and his friends' gaming experiences.  Of particular inspiration are the world of  J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-Earth, The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan,  and greek and roman mythology.  Many store bought modules have been used and placed within the World of Anon.  For example The Desert of Desolation series is the template for the entire desert realm of Raurin.  Please see the credit page for a list of copyrighted materials used for the campaign. 
The World of Anon is NOT a cliche' world (Harry Potter) with every possible creature, myth, and magic.  The creator has attempted to make a world where people, places, and histories are connected in a logical way.  Good and Evil do not knowingly mix, civilized races and monsters are in conflict, and economies are intertwined.  Magic is common in a relative sense.  Where magic is lacking the void is filled by power of arms.  Power structures are based on magic, economy, knowledge, and strength of arms.  Anon is a world which has a  lengthy history, complex geography, and diverse pantheon of beliefs.
Much of the content for this world resides in the creators DM Genie campaign file.  The redundant effort to create this site has stalled its progress temporarily.  The creator has been unsuccessful in finding a medium that will allow continued creation of game content, limited sharing with players, and game playing capability.  The campaign is also using MapTool to run the tabletop and maps.  The creater has limited programming skills and desires a more GUI approach. 
Wanting to be true to the D&D tradition the campaign members converted to the 3.5e rules but have not ventured into 4e.  It appears to be a much different rules system requiring many new rules books and campaign content updating.  There is no known (to me) software product that can create character and monster groups as nicely as DM Genie and run combat.  It is undesirable to go back to pen & paper without hyperlinks, electronic reference documents, and computerized maps.  Therefore we will stick with 3.5 edition and take a look at some of the Pathfinder material.
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