Media Crushing for all Ages

"The World in Progress" as we know it to be. 

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   We,as the American people spend far too much time spent on the reliance of Television. Being the tabloids and the entertainment industry that are the public. Since the turn of the century and the invention of film, the American public has been lead to believe that the Hollywood media is of any kind of importance to the future education of our children. Hundreds of channels imposing their thoughts upon us but if we only watch. Why do we do this ? Why have we allowed ourselves to be imposed upon in such a manner ? Do we not have anything else better to be doing with our time spent here on Earth ? We find so-called celebrities speaking their minds as if it were their own thoughts. More likely than not it was read in an newspaper. At one time, I heard a question posed to an Olympian athlete, it was - What "Star" (celebrity) would you like to be ? RE : I would not want to be a "Star", they should want to be me. The Olympian being real as opposed to Star being an illusion. An illusion created by ourselves,the American people. The Media Monster we have created and built to serve us. Now we serve it.