Room Availabilities (scroll down for footnotes)

Current available rooms as of Fri 2016-08-26
(newly available rooms posted immediately)

Room number 15? 25? 11 12 20
First available contract start date: 08/26 09/01 10/01 09/18 09/25
Last available contract start date: 09/01 09/01 10/01 10/01 10/01
Monthly rent (utilities included): $650 $680 $650 $650 $680
Room and closet (square feet): 170 179 143 136 148
Closet size (square feet): 13 18 10 9 10
Windows (number and facing): 2S 1N 2S 2N 1E
Floor: 3 4 2 2 3

?  A question mark after a room number means I'm in the process of finalizing a deal with a specific person but the deal hasn't been completed so the room may still be available as about 10% of deals fall through.  A question mark after an available contract start date means the room may be available on that date because someone has indicated they may want to move out then but has not completed the official paperwork yet.  Please do not contact me about rooms with question marks (either after room # or available contract start date) as they are not confirmed available yet and are listed here for informational purposes only.