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Unit #5 Block 2

6/3/11  Return Tests

1.  Discuss projects
2.  14:1  Notes
3.  Library--work on projects:  Illuminator and Renaissance
4.  For HW:  Illuminator Project is due on Monday.  10 Extra Credit Test Points for students who present on Monday.  All others must be ready to present on Tuesday.

6/2/11  9:5 Quiz
Illuminator Project in library

The Illuminator--Schedule, etc.

6/1/11:  Do Now:  What person, not a member of your family, do you admire the most?  Why?
Reminder:  Tardy/Pass policies

1.  Project update
2.  Chapter 9:4--quiz
3.  Renaissance Man
4.  Chap 9:5, 14:1, Renaissance notes
5.  Video:  The Medici

5/31/11:  Do now:  Review final chapters of The Illuminator for test
1.  Test on The Illuminator
2.  Chapter 9:4
3.  Plan/discuss Illuminator projects--due Monday
4.  Interactive discussion: Chapters 9, 14
5.  For Homework:  Pick 3 tasks, start one of them

5/27/11:  No school

5/26/11  Do now:  what did you do between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm yesterday?

1.  Read article on The Strasbourg Jewry

Answer in an essay:  (about 1 page, 2 paragraphs)

How did these people respond to their fear of the Black Death?   Rewrite this story to give it an ending that satisfies you.  

5/25/11:  Wellness day:  30 minutes reading time. 

5/24/11:  Do now--Journal entry

1.  Strasbourg Jewry article
2.  9:4
3.  Reading time

5/23/11  Do now:  Journal entry:  Date, page or chapter, the last thing you read about

1.  Test:  The Illuminator  Chapters 16-23
2.  Return HW
3.  Chapter 9:1 Quiz
4.  9:4
5.  Reading Time (finish calligraphy, Mona Lisa if necessary)

5/20/11  Journal:  Write a brief reflection:  High points and low points of the museum trip (not including lunch).

1.  Question 3 of test
2.  Reading time
3.  Play time

  • Calligraphy Extra Credit Assignment (for up to 10 test points)
  • Choose a quote from the Middle Ages (from the packet or the chapter introductions from the Illuminator).
  • Set up a piece of parchment paper with pencil lines and write the quote in ink in one of the fonts we have practiced.

As of 10:00 PM Wednesday night--the field trip is ON.

Sub Plan for Jerry Desmarais Wed May 18, 2011

  • Museum Field Trip: If I am out sick again we will reschedule the trip.

  • I hope to be here.

  • Check the class web site or call me at home with any questions: 223-3279

  • Give any remaining permission slips or money to me tomorrow

  1. 5-10 minutes study outline on Chapter 8:3

  2. Take the quiz on 8:3 from memory—no notes, no books

  3. Watch PowerPoint for information about the field trip

  4. Use books to fill out 9:1 Outline—do the whole outline for the section—no group activity this time (Students may work alone or in pairs)

  5. Remaining time—read The Illuminator, make journal entry…

  6. No calligraphy today, please, we will finish it on Friday

5/17/11:  Do now:  journal update, return homework

1.  8:3
2.  Calligraphy reading time
3.  ?


1.  Test The Illuminator Chapters 9-15
2.  Chapter 8:3?
3.  Calligraphy?
4.  Reading Time?

5/13/11:  Do Now:  Update journals

1.  Read  (Test on Monday)
2.  Calligraphy
3.  Current Events

5/12/11: Do now--Study for 8:2 Quiz  (I may be late)

1.  8:2 Quiz
2.  Reading time/discussion
3.  Notes
4.  Calligraphy

5/11/11  Do Now:  Update journals--and check out these pictures...

1.  Share Chap 8 Sec 2
2.  8:2 Quiz
3.  Reading time
4.  Black Death video
5.  for HW:  Keep reading--update journals, study for 8:2 Quiz

5/10/11    Do Now:  Read UpFront p. 6-7
1.  Discuss Upfront
2.  Make Journals for The Illuminator
  •     From now on... make a journal entry every night after reading and everyday in class after reading time.
  •     Journal entries count as quizzes
  •     There will be a test on Monday on Chapters 9-15
3.  Reading time (30 min)
3a.  Share chapter 8:2
4.  HW (every night from now until May 27) Read The Illuminator and make a journal entry about what you read and include the page number you have reached.

5/9/11:  Do Now:  In journals--Reading Log
1.  Quiz on Chapters 1-8
2.  "Order it"  Chapters 1-8, discuss
3.  Chapter 8 Section 2
4.  UpFront magazine--flip through, read, write brief reflection in your journal

5/6/11:  Do Now:  In journals--Reading Log

1.  Share notes, Chap 8: 1
2.  Quiz  8:1
3.  Reading time
3a.  Write long arduous paper on history of banking
4.  Current Events

5/5/11  Do Now:  In journals--Reading Log "The Illuminator"  Record:
    1.  What page are you on
    2.  A couple of lines on what has happened in your recent reading

1.  Discuss Prologue
1.  Introduce Medieval Times
2.  Interactive discussion on Middle Ages
3.  Chapter 8 Highlights
4.  In the near future:  Black Death video, UpFront Magazine

5/4/11  Do Now:  Watch the video clip.  What is accurate?  What is a joke?

1.  Follow-up essay on mosque.
2.  Introduce medieval times

Essential Questions:
  1. What is a “crusade”?
  2. To what extent does globalism affect daily life?
3.  Preview text, Chapter 8
3a. Interactive discussion:  The Middle Ages in Europe
4.  Block One:  Map
    Block 2:  Reading Time

Reading guidelines:
  • Read the novel and nothing else--no other homework
  • No talking--direct questions to Mr.Desmarais
  • No headphones, iPods, etc.  I will play soft instrumental music if you wish.


1.  Islam Test  (Block 1, 30 min, Block 2, TBD)
2.  Mosque Debate
3.  Block 2 Introduce The Illuminator
4.  For HW Block 2 Read text "New heresies" p. 231 plus The Illuminator prologue, pp. 1-6
        also:  look at the illuminated manuscript on page 197

Schedule for The Illuminator

Finish Chapter 8, p. 103 for Monday, May 9
Finish Chapter 15, p. 207 for Monday, May 16
Finish Chapter 23, p. 300 for Monday, May 23
Finish the book, p. 402 for Friday, May 27