Welcome to World HiPstory @ iTech Prep

What is HiPstory?

HiPstory is where History and Social Studies becomes a Hands-on, individualized, and project-based experience to create an innovative classroom experience that fosters critical thinking, citizenship, & 21st Century skills in students.

What is Project-Based Learning?

The students at iTech have a  passion for learning. This passion will help the students as they participate in systematic investigations, better known as inquiry project-based learning

Project-based learning will bring real-life questions and relevance to the students' learning.  The projects will allow students to expand on their critical thinking, as well as collaboration and planning skills.

Students will explore all subjects with a S.T.E.M. focus throughout the year.  This process will allow students to see how work is done in the  real world.  Project-based learning gives the students the  experience of being a scientist, engineer, historian, strategist, planner, innovator, writer, and entrepreneur.

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