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Haiku 3, January 2011

Vanguard Haiku

First Place
discharged soldier
he stares at his gun’s barrel
to nothingness
Victor P. Gendrano
Second Place
what book
in which killing triumphs
do the gods read
Sandy Vrooman
Third Place
battle scarred dog
can't lick its
bleeding ear
Snehith Kumbla

Honourable Mentions 
(In no particular order)

Love entered my heart
I must have left it open
I am glad I did
Deborah Green

an orphan child
and a wounded lamb
both licking an empty bowl
G R Parimala Rao
slurping soba
wondering just how long
a life should be        
Marie Shimane

                           Zatsuei, or Haiku of Merit

our laughter laughs 
at us
Nana Fredua-Agyeman
There you are walking
Strutting like a proud peacock
Without the feathers
Deborah Green
        Old warrior's end
        his medals carried
        by a boy scout
 John Hamley
stormy weather
I weep and laugh a little 
every day

Peggy Heinrich
a blast of sunlight
explodes on the ocean floor
a new life form stirs

Peggy Heinrich
Four deer are hanging
in warming fog, hearts opened
still gentle in death.

Anne Hills
oncology suite
the tv lady demonstrates
the whitening of teeth
Elizabeth Howard
  cremation :
     is it the end?
     ashes in urn
 vishnu p kapoor
Veterans hospital
who would think that these old men
were once young warriors

Howard Lee Kilby 
as the night moves on
to the sentenced hours, pale 
moon rides the daybreak
Hi-Young Kim
an empty chair
at the Nobel ceremony ...
thoughts of Tank Man

Chen-ou Liu

(note: The Tank Man is the nickname given by the international media of an young man who stood in front of a column of Chinese tanks on the morning of June 5, 1989.)

river bending barely
into the gold unknown
I have come from
Clare McCotter


his twin
lost in battle, the pain
of a phantom limb
André Surridge

de Chirico
the empty highway
beyond nowhere
Raffael de Gruttola

(In no particular order)

Mickey Mouse gas mask . . .
choking back laughter
our strange voices
Pat Prime
amidst the rubble
a little orphan
chews a blade of grass
G R Parimala Rao
an infant’s hand
outstretched in the rubble
waiting for mother's arm
G R Parimala Rao
a myriad fleeting nipples 
on garden pond
Margaret Rawlinson
they stole
the sunless morning

Bruce Ross
a fork on the path —
we go our
own ways
Nirali Shah
Carrying the tomb
of unburied days:
New year

school photo
so many bright futures
lost to war
André Surridge 
silence of death
only the vultures feast
price of war

Sandy Vrooman
man as machine
totally disposable entity
to the greedy

Sandy Vrooman 
old man retches
grimy kettle whistles
grey dawn chorus
Julia Wakefield
in the busy street
two women running
opposite ways
Julia Wakefield
in earthen jar or universe-
scale of consciousness

Aju Mukhopadhyay
harvest moon -
    even my shadow
    has a shadow

 ayaz dary nielsen