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Haiku 3 - Vangaurd

April 2012

Vanguard Haiku

First Place

                dentures in his lap
                his last spring

Ignatius Fay


                Second Place

rhymed quietness –
the snow tiptoes
on its frozen crystal clothes

Claire Gardien

                    Third Place

a hint of lavender
in her lingerie drawer

meeah cross


Seven Honourable Mentions

(in no particular order)

 gazing beyond
   my navel’s radius. . .

      black swans cross the moon

Lorin Ford

one small dog
holds the night at bay
with its bark

William Hart

low tide...
can I pick up anything
she left behind

Chen-ou Liu

the man's shadow side
artist's brush

Marian Olson

bringing home
stalks of pampas grass—
my moonlit bed is cold

Angela Leuck

From a woman’s mouth
Russian words are steaming
above the freezing-point

Kai Falkman

                mi sei vicino

                ti do la mano e sento
                scorrere anni

                I feel you close

                we're holding hands and
                years run by

                Feu Violet


(Haiku of Merit , in no particular order in terms of merit but in the alphabetical order of authors’ surname)

pyramid of dead
blown up against window low
some of fall’s leavings

Amy Anderson

looking back
again & again & again

Ed Baker

recital ~
in the entire house
not one dry seat

ernest j berry

my pubes
the last to go gray
March roars in

Ignatius Fay

after your death
the morning doves'
unanswered coo

paula fisher

night jasmine
missing the scent
of his cologne

paula fisher

from play school
to the multiverse…
soap bubbles

Lorin Ford

melting ice -
our relationship
follows suit

Gillian Foss

tropical sun
raising a placard with
bloody hands

Nana Fredua-Agyeman

city cleanup
the remains of her shelter
beneath the dozer 

Nana Fredua-Agyeman

no echoes...
the white-nose
of the little brown bat

Raffael de Gruttola

in day we trust
because the night
is so big

William Hart

Hiding quietly,
without shadows or concern.
Somethings don't give shade.

Amy Huffman

Tomorrow can't see
anything that hasn't been
through a spin. Of life.

Amy Huffman

Red silk stains her lips.
It's a lie. And tastes like death.
His skin stood. No chance.

Amy Huffman

 we played with death
"Are you still alive?" we would ask
she in sendai

Howard Lee Kilby

now at 68
I walk into the future
one step at a time

Howard Lee Kilby

at your headstone -
a black silhouette...

Natalia Kuznetsova

midnight -
another day gone
without you

Natalia Kuznetsova

bouncing off an rattan chair
where dad sat

Yinghong Lu

the wood chime
fades with the wind-
your last request

Terra Martin


cold snap
her crocodile tears
don’t fool me

John McManus

iridescent clouds . . .
for a moment I forget
to be afraid

John McManus

being put down . . .
the look
in the stray dog's eyes

Marian Olson

taking me
out of this world of woe
wood thrush song

Marian Olson

group therapy
confessing he's sorry
he is sorry

Marian Olson

stepping down
from the hill top--
away from God

Pravat Kumar Padhy

how cold…
her kisses have become
snow forecast

Andy Pomphrey

space time eternity
glazes magic fervour speaks
in wonder hieroglyphs

Narayanan Raghunathan


rear mirror…
eyes behind my head
past trying to catch up

Minal Sarosh

tuffs of grass

in the wall of reality
dreams fill up cracks

Minal Sarosh

la città ha freddo
il traffico, o l'insonnia
sento la tosse

the city is cold

its traffic, or insomnia
I feel it coughing

Feu Violet