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Haiku 2 - Shintai

April 3012


Shintai Haiku

                                                         First Place

            all the places I’ve never been . . .

            honking geese fade
            into blue

Susan Constable

               Second Place

new immigrant...

with falling snow

Chen-ou Liu

                     Third Place

Snowmen disappeared

carrot floating in the water
with the yellow broom

Liette Janelle


Seven Honourable Mentions

(in no particular order)

circling the pond
though I learn to walk softly
I still scare the frogs

Priscilla Lignori

in my cold ear
he whispers
warm invitations

Gillian Foss

on the way back…

my footprints dissolve
into the darkness

Nana Fredua-Agyeman

twisted lanes...
she tells me her side
of the story

Dawn Bruce

Like a hand
dawn cracks
the eggshell of darkness.

Ashley Suzanne Musick

beside the shop door
a water bowl
for passing dogs

Lynette Arden

                a sprig of basil
                the delights of having been young once

                Marie Shimane


(Haiku of Merit , in no particular order in terms of merit but in the alphabetical order of authors’ surname)

frozen nose hairs ice
cube toes teeth talking without
saying damn it’s cold

Amy Anderson

squashed in a rack
flimsy summer dresses

Lynette Arden

full moon
twice this month
"What do you want now ?

Ed Baker

an acorn
smuggled through customs
takes root in the garden

Colin Bardell

spring resolution
doing it now
my daily walk

Sheila Bello

morning's road
in late afternoon
different shadows

Maxianne Berger

in a staring contest
with the leaves
green stick insect

Ashley Capes

Chiesa gotica
Gothic church

By Moussia Fantoli

1) chiesa gotica

zampillano le note
fuori il tramonto

Gothic church

jetting notes
outside the sunset

2) chiesa gotica
sale i gradini l’ombra
di un’acacia

Gothic church

an acacia shadow
going up the steps

3) chiesa gotica
tra le palme degli archi
non soffia il vento

Gothic church

among the palms of the arches
the wind does not blow

4) chiesa gotica
le ombre del silenzio
frantuma il sole

Gothic Church

the shadows of silence
shattered by the sun

 5) chiesa gotica
pregano anche le fiamme
delle candele

Gothic Church

the candles’ flames
praying too

6) chiesa gotica
passeggiano le ombre
c’è luna piena

Gothic Church

walking shadows
there is full moon

first minutes of rain

the smell of dust
tax forms

Ignatius Fay

morning rain
tuning my ears
to birdsongs

Nana Fredua-Agyeman

Sound of the waves.
In the empty vineyard
chugs a tractor.

Volker Friebel

Valentine’s Day --
a continent apart
our cards cross

Gillian Foss

harvest time:
the grasshopper thrashes
in the rooster’s beak

Alicia Hilton

the pier at dawn
shrimp boat lights
steer the mewing gulls

Elizabeth Howard

October warmth
woolly worm trails
in the dust

Elizabeth Howard

In the cavern
the echo of our voices
like power of life

Liette Janelle

red lights—
leading him to my door

Angela Leuck 

predator shadow
frieze of quail chicks

John Llewellyn Lewis

under construction --
home that was lost in the flood
and a robin's nest

Priscilla Lignori

sweeping the waxed floor –
I gather all the dry mud
from my hiking boots

Priscilla Lignori

labyrinth --
curves that go straight
to the heart

CaroleAnn Lovin

conch shell—
my turn to be the god
of the north wind

John McManus

windless moment . . .
photographing a harebell
I hold my breath

Ruth Mittelholtz

glowing softly
in the spotlight
the singer's whiskey

Ben Moeller-Gaa

spring tickles
between the thrilling chill
and burning heat

Aju Mukhopadhyay

undulated surface--
rain takes care to
fill the gaps

Pravat Kumar Padhy

scented breeze
a kingfisher swoops, catches
eats in one arc

Patricia Prime

music class-
a chorus of sneezes
after the rains

Geethanjali Rajan

hospital visit-
the stillness pierced
by a bird’s call

Geethanjali Rajan

Palm Sunday
planting wilted plants
hoping for resurrection

Brenda Roberts

sun at last
gutters and dog-walkers
spill out

Ann K. Schwader

sugar snap peas
a few less than picked
go into the salad

André Surridge

the snowy silence
bird song

Sandy Vrooman