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Haiku 1 - Neo Classical

April 2012

Neo-Classical Haiku

First Place

                      falling leaves
                      how will I know
                      my time has come

        Susan Constable

                Second Place

 2012 March 11 and following days

cherry blossoms fade
petals drop slowly
each one a sad memory

Carolanne Reynolds


                    Third Place


Spring sun at my desk
illuminates the dark print
of the newspaper

Priscilla Lignori

Seven Honourable Mentions

(in no particular order)

gondoliers sing
in the cafes...
frozen canals

Dawn Bruce

march wake
around the open casket
a forced spring

meeah cross

earthquake ruins -
a battered cherry tree

Natalia Kuznetsova

the garden gate
swings open

Angela Leuck

Exposing the sky
in the middle of the night –
the spring thunderstorm

Priscilla Lignori

late winter
the ache in my bones
as I lay them down

Kat Creighton

                 through the fog the last train whistles past November

                Elaine Hallahan


(Haiku of Merit, in no particular order in terms of merit but in the alphabetical order of authors’ surname)

ready to sprout
daisy roots plumped
by melted snow

Sheila Bello

freed by my rake
oak leaves trapped all winter
in a cedar hedge

Sheila Bello

crocus shoots
beyond patches of snow
April honeymoon

Maxianne Berger

The lake glazed over.
With their breasts, ducks
break remaining ice

Gerd Boerner

his last words
whispered too low...
winter moon

Dawn Bruce

through evening silence
the love song begins
bull frogs

Dawn Bruce

a light dusting
of spring snow-
cardinal song

Pamela Cooper

snow laden trail
how his hands have withered
since our last walk

Kat Creighton

summer sky
I slip
into my garden

Marje A. Dyck

white butterflies
amongst purple thistle
mid-September haze

Marje A. Dyck

a dragonfly passes
the hum
of its wings

Marje A. Dyck

la primavera
s’è posata sui prati
e li ha fioriti

alighted on the meadows
and made them bloom

Moussia Fantoli

under the porch light
the buzz of a brown beetle
again in my hair

paula fisher

spring rain
the cannas bob
heavy heads

paula fisher

for four weeks
I have waited: today –
two daffodils

Gillian Foss

trailing its prey
the mantis sways
with the leaf

Nana Fredua-Agyeman

ghosts of three eleven
beneath sakura blooms
flooded paper cranes

Victor P. Gendrano

rain forecast
even the crickets
refuse to sing

Victor P. Gendran

spring moon--
wind stampedes the trees
through a town asleep

William Hart

the robin’s call
time to clean
the garage

Alicia Hilton

twilight breeze
cherry blossoms fall
on his headstone

Alicia Hilton

 new moon:
finding hope
after divorce

Alicia Hilton

bare elms
it’s the birds
I hear

Colin Stewart Jones

back on the porch
with mud on his paws and mud
on my moccasins

Hans Jongman

spring evening--
chattering birds perhaps sharing news
of a new world somewhere

Manu Kant

three days rain
beside the old red MG
yellow cannas

Howard Lee Kilby

winter migration
flying north on the interstate -
snow birds

Joseph M. Kusmiss

another spring --
the tree clings to Earth
reaching for stars

CaroleAnn Lovin

hurricane's eye --
seeing roof tiles
whistle by

CaroleAnn Lovin

among the snowdrops
flying low --
first bumblebee

Tomislav Maretic

spring cleaning-
the screech of a jay
on the clothesline

Terra Martin

instead of leaves-

Terra Martin

slow pace-
once again too early
for cherry blossoms

Terra Martin

wet snow
now bare

john martone

job hunting . . .
winter rain pounds
the glass roof

John McManus

scour the winter stubble . . .
hunger pangs

John McManus

first sign of spring-
the top-floor windows
filled with jacaranda

Devika Menon

sudden shower
in the spring forest
scent of humus

Ruth Mittelholtz

Description: https://mail.google.com/mail/images/cleardot.gifspring . . .
the old pond
is not quiet

Ruth Mittelholtz

 barnacles crackle
in afternoon sun -
low spring tide

Elizabeth Rose Murray

streak of red
in blackthorn bush
robin takes flight

Elizabeth Rose Murray

wild blackberry
blossoms already falling --
white butterflies

Shirley A. Plummer

ice cold moon
the whisk of an owl’s feet
leaving the tree

Patricia Prime

lingering day ~
scented dreams in
sparrows’ songs

Narayanan Raghunathan

forgotten frost ~
temple bells echo in
fragrant breeze

Narayanan Raghunathan

only a hint of sky
in the puddles

Geethanjali Rajan

in the market
heaps of watermelon -
smell of summer

Geethanjali Rajan

forecast hail
rushing to move potted plants
for only a bit of rain

Brenda Roberts

A swarm of fish
with the moon in the river
flashing to delta

Riitta Rossilahti

warm breeze
out of nowhere
wild plum blooms

Ann K. Schwader

late snow
melts on browsers' boots
seed packets

Ann K. Schwader

hazy moon
the first stirrings
of seeds

Ann K. Schwader

laughing, playing-
yellow daffodils

William Seiyo Shehan

the tiger lilies
all curled up

Marie Shimane

I wake up knowing,
don't know why,
spring has arrived.

Igor Shugan

shrine pathway
the dead leaves crushing
…the only noise

Guy Simser

garden pond
tadpoles taking turns
to sunbathe

André Surridge

twitch of her nose
leads to a fence covered
in star jasmine

André Surridge

the annunciation
of Our Lady of Hope

Florence Vilén

cambia la luce
è presto per pensarti
fino a sera?

the light is changing

is it early yet to think
of you until dusk?

Feu Violet

fresh linen
on the guest bed
spring arrives

Neal Whitman

an albatross goose
shunned by the flock
frost delay

Neal Whitman