Haiku March 2009, page2

World Haiku Review, Volume 7, Issue 1, March 2009

Haiku March 2009, page 2

Neo Classical Haiku

Other Haiku of Merit

well below zero Light

my dog steps into Like a sheet

yesterday's paw prints Laid over the snow

Patricia Benedict, Canada Marc Bonetto, France

restless night brick walkway

I wake to the brilliance the tenacity

of new snow of dandelions

Susan Constable, Canada

orange sunset red roses

in a chameleon sky- in a bouquet-

then moonlight two blushing cheeks

Gillena Cox, TT

Afternoon showers Indian summer

chase me from my hammock apples in bloom

Sea of Crises drinking up the rain

"Catbird", Armando H. Corbelle, USA Tatjana Debeljac

midwinter the shape

mercury follows the sun of children's laughter --

down frosted window

Laryalee Fraser, Canada

first snow - winter ploughing -

the mailman's bike a cloud of gulls

with new tires veils the sun

Damien Gabriels, France

spring sunshine Wilted rose petals

the toothless smile from a lifeless thorny stem--

of a homeless girl fall, and blow away.

Victor P. Gendrano, USA Michael Hartman

March wind - summer

the school bus passes and the trees are busy

by our house now slowing down the rain

Dennis M. Holmes, USA William Hart

grandma’s quilt the gleam

the frayed edges of the old stag's antlers --

of mold scent winter moon

richard krawiec Catherine J.S. Lee

monsoon shower — meteor shower –

a crow on a cow's back crickets occupied

a small umbrella by its song

Kumarendra Mallick, India Tomislav Maretic, Croatia

sunny morning - their drunken songs

the moon give way one by one

reluctant to leave to the song of the cricket

John McDonald, UK

wet camellia leaves snowed in--

glitter under the street lamps. a child etches her name

a tomcat runs home. in window rime

isabella mori, Canada Nora Wood

(bugs come out (keichitsu, mid spring). Of the earth. Note: Red Pine translates this venerable Chinese expression as "insects astir", a very worthy expression, in The Collected Songs of Cold Mountain [Han Shan] (Copper Canyon, 2000). —wjh)

spring night (haru no yo, all spring)

insects astir on spring night ~

the pond ~ cool breeze sound of festivity

scatters sunlight far far away

tranquil (nodoka, all spring). Tranquil(ity) [nodoka(sa)

sunset dissolving

in tranquil waters ~

a man with an oar

Narayanan, India

keahausu/haha no kurigoto/mizore kiku

hearing mom's grumbling

at the nursing home

it's sleeting

hito koishi/hitogomi wataru/tosi no ichi

longing for people

straddling among the crowd

on the year end market day

mago afure/yuzu ga tobidasu/yubune kana

the citrons pop out

grandchildren play

in the hot tub

tsuchi ni kisu/tomo mata hitori/kann no ame

another friend died my

and was burried

in the cold rain

rousou no/dokyou shagareru/kan no tsuya

the old monk's voice

husky in sutra-chanting...

a vigil during the cold nigh

hyaku issai/arigato kaki yuku/kan no kiku

the lady,101

gone,writing "thank you"...

the chrysanthemum in winter

aruku kage/senaka wo nobasu/haru tatsu hi

walking shadow

makes me straighten up myself

on the first day of spring

Hisanori Ogane, Japan

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