Haiku, Page 2 August 2009

World Haiku Review, Volume 7, Issue 2, August 2009

Traditional Haiku

Zatsuei: Other Haiku of Merit

(In no particular order)

snowflakes fluttering down flocons en haute voltige

under the white moon sous la lune de glace

stars sparkle un feu d'étoiles

Claire Gardien, France

falling oak leaf spring wind

and its reflection children help a kite

merge on contact to start dancing

Ignatius Fay, Canada Ljubomir Dragovic', Bosna i Hercegovina

winter torrent summer sunrise

a car washed up each kiss

in the river a little warmer

Alexander Ask, Australia. Raquel D. Bailey, Usa

autumn eve’ high season--

the hanging moon dallies gulls recycle

in a puddle a slab of battered cod

Don Baird, USA Helen Buckingham

hunger moon graduation ceremony

the model returns the square hat

to her circle of chalk makes her smile

Helen Buckingham Ashley Capes, Australia

blossoming cherry May rainfall

a cuckoo’s melancholic voice heap of sand

from afar heap of footprints

Ljubomir Dragovic', Jacob Kobina Ayiah

Bosna i Hercegovina Mensah, Ghana

yellow the cowslip jaune le coucou

purple the crocus violet le crocus

~ spring coolness ~ fraîcheur du printemps

Claire Gardien, France

spring dawn — another year

even on paper flowers another day

glistening dew another blossoming

Gautam Nadkarni, India Marie Shimane, Japan

Arizona the white road seems long

hot windblown sand claw after claw till it vanishes—

and prickly cacti bird-tracks in snow

Carmel Lively Westerman Lucien Zell, Czech Republic

sudden lightning closing my eyes

all lights go off ~ as I pass under --

a child's cry crabapple blooms

Narayanan Raghunathan, India Ann K. Schwader, USA

looking through

the cicadas wings...

the distant islands

Tomislav Maretic

mountain temple alone with

ghosted in mist a horse’s shadow

summer solstice snow moon

Clare McCotter. N. Ireland

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