Factors to Consider Before Setting Up a Home Gym

Nowadays, several people prefer to exercise at home instead of visiting a local gym, due to many reasons such as costly gym membership, lack of time, adverse weather conditions etc. Hence, you can either set up a home gym in a spare room of your house; or you can simply arrange the exercise machines in one corner of a large room. Another way is to convert your garage, loft or basement into a home gym.

However, there are various factors to be considered before setting up a home gym. First of all, you should decide your fitness objectives such as increasing muscle strength, improving cardio health, losing weight etc. This will help you to buy the appropriate training equipments. Next thing is to ensure that you have enough space to accommodate the required fitness machines. Moreover, you should also confirm whether the related equipments are available within your budget limits.

First of all determine the fitness objectives of all the persons who intend to use the home gym. Thus, if many family members wish to exercise at home, a multipurpose smith machine would be the ideal choice. However, a large exercise area would be required for these huge machines. After preparing a list of all the necessary fitness equipments, check whether you have sufficient room to keep all the machines. You should always ensure that your home gym is large enough, in terms of both floor area and ceiling height.

For example a treadmill occupies approximately 30 square feet, while a multi-station gym may need 50 to 200 square feet of area. Moreover, the exercise bike and single station gym will together need about 50 square feet. Whereas, a ski machine occupies around 25 square feet and the rower will require almost 20 square feet of area.

The all-in-one home gym equipment would be perfect for a small room; as different machines would not be required. In case you have limited space, you can also use a folding treadmill, spin bike, fitness ball or yoga mat. And, if you have a large room, you can buy an elliptical trainer, stair climber, treadmill or a home fitness centre.

Further you should find out the price of the desired exercise equipments. A professional home gym package is relatively costly, especially if it also includes a multi station gym system. In case, you do not wish to purchase these expensive gym equipments; you can go for a pre-owned or used fitness machine. However, please check for any machine defects in order to ensure your safety. Hence, always select high grade fitness equipments.

You should also note down and buy the additional items needed for your home gym such as a television, stereo system, fan, air-conditioner, mirror, lights etc. Use a good quality exercise mat; on a tile, laminated, or wooden flooring. And assure to have a solid flooring to avoid any damage. Hence, after considering the above mentioned factors you can set up a suitable home gym to attain your fitness goals.