Fastest Car in the World

Fastest Car in the World ...if  price is a decisive factor

Bugatti Veyron
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Class                     Full-size Grand tourer
Body style             2-door roadster
Layout              Longitudinal mid-engine, four-wheel drive
Engine                  8.0 L W16  736 kilowatts
Transmission          7-speed DSG sequential
Wheelbase             2,710 mm
Length                    4,462 mm
0-100kmh  2.5 s      top speed 405kmh
Width                      1,998 mm
Height                     1,159 mm
Kerb weight              1,888 kg
Fuel capacity           100 L 

Best Car in the World my opinion, the greatest car in the world, ever.    
Porsche 911 GT
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Class                          Sports car
Body style                2-door roadster
Layout                       Mid-engine, rear wheel
Engine                       5.7 litre DOHC V10
Transmission             6-speed manual

0-100kmh  3.9 l  top speed 330 km/h
Length                       4,623 mm
Width                       1,930 mm
Height                      1,168 mm
Curb weight              1,380 kg
Fuel capacity             92 L 


Best Car in the category  "Beautiful Sports Cars"
Enzo Ferrari
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Class                     Sports car
Body style            2-seat Berlinetta
Layout                  RMR layout
Engine                  6.0 L V12
Transmission        6-speed semi-automatic
0-100 kmh 3.4s
     top speed 365 kmh
Wheelbase            2,650 mm
Length                  4,702 mm
Width                   2,035 mm
Height                   1,147 mm
Curb weight           1,365 kg
Fuel capacity         110 L

Fastest car in the category:  "Need for Speed"
McLaren F1
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Manufacturer         McLaren
Class                    Sports car
Body style             2-door 3-seat coupé
Layout                   RMR layout
Engine                  6.1 L BMW  V12
Transmission         6-speed manual
0-100kmh  3.2 s     top speed  390kmh
Wheelbase            2,718 mm
Length                   4,287 mm
Width                    1,820 mm
Height                   1,140 mm
Curb weight            1,140 kg

Best Car in the category  "Beauty  and the Beast"
Lamborghini Reventon         
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Manufacturer          Lamborghini
Body style              2-door coupé
Layout                    Mid-engine, four-wheel drive
Engine                    6.5 L    V12
Transmission           6-speed manual
0-100kmh  3.2         top speed 380kmh
Wheelbase              2,665 mm
Length                     4,700 mm
Width                      2,058 mm
Height                     1,135 mm