The World’s Most Expensive Bicycle

 Aurumania Gold Bike Crystal edition
 The world’s most expensive bicycle

 Plated  with 24 karat gold
 Decorated with more than 600 Swarovski crystals
 Only  10 made
 Price  80,000 €

Here’s a list of most expensive bikes in the World:

Madone 5.9 SL: $75,000
A gold and diamond studded Trek Madone 5.9 SL sold for $75,000 at a charity auction...

Electric Assist Bicycle by eROCKIT: $44,000
eROCKIT - the World's Most Expensive Electric Motorized Bike ...

Litespeed Blade – Kit Bike: $38,000
This bike produced just 50 units. Has the nickname "Ultimate two-wheeled novelty"...

Beru F1 System Factor 001 Bicycle: $34,000
So what do you think would happen if a bunch of F1 engineers designed a bike...

Reasons to Start Bike Riding

- Riding a bicycle is great for your health and good for the environment.

- A great way to spend time with childrens or friends, and enjoy the fresh air

- Bicycles are as good for the air we breathe as they are for our bodies

- Bike riding is a safe, low-impact, aerobic activity for peoples of all ages 

- An opportunity to meet new people & new places

- Cycling is a great way to exercise and save money at the same time ,spend less on gas and vehicle maintenance

- One of the best ways to discover and enjoy a city is by bicycle

- Lose weight.One of the benefits of commuting by bicycle is that you burn calories

- Mental health aspect .Cycling reducing stress, improves your mood

- Biking is just plain fun. So go cycle,you'll feel better for it!

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