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Fastest RC Car

 Schumacher Mi-3 is the fastest rc car in the world. On October 04, 2008, the Schumacher Mi-3 became the fastest in the world. The top speed ever reached by a battery-powered radio-controlled model car is 260.32 kmh or 161.76 mph, at Rockingham Dragway, North Carolina, USA. The fastest rc car ever was built and driven by Nic Case (USA). This wonderfull toy is made of carbon fiber, powered by a 11hp motor and cost around 4000 US dollars.
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Fastest RC Airplane

January 18, 2010 

Hobbyland Airfield in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
The fastest RC (remote controlled) jet powered model aircraft  is a turbine powered airplane created by Axel Haché (Dominican Republic) and David Shulman (USA) which reached speeds of 542.64 kmh or 337.18 mph.