Fastest Man in the World

Who is the fastest man in the world? How fast can this person run?

 The current fastest man in the World (World record holder of the 100 m sprint race) is Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt. Jamaican set a new men's 100m record of 9.58 seconds at the World Championships in Berlin, August, 2009. Bolt also holds the World record in 200m (19.30s) and 4 x 100m Relay (37.10s).
What makes Usain Bolt the fastest sprinter in the world? Bolt has an estimated 80% of fast-twitch muscle fibres, ideal for sprinting. He has a very unusual combination of being extremely tall (6ft 5in) for a sprinter, relatively massive (207 pounds) and being able to accelerate well. He runs the 100m in 40 or 41 strides. His rivals need 44 to 45. The only fear I've ever had is the fear of losing, said Bolt. It's always there, and the only way you get over it is by focusing and by working harder and training harder than anyone else.

 Some scientists have estimated that the ultimate time for the 100-meter dash is 9.40.

Date of birth: 21 August,1986. 
Hometown: Trelawny, Jamaica.
Current Residence: Kingston, Jamaica.
Events: 100m, 200m, 4x100m.
Height: 6’5” (195cm).
Weight: 205lbs (93 kg). 
Coach: Glen Mills.


Asafa Powell is the second fastest man right now. Powell has broken the 10 second barrier 73 times - more than any other athlete, with a personal best of 9.72s. Jamaican sprinter held the 100 m world record between 2005 (9.77s) and 2008 (9.74s). Running the 4x100m (22 August, 2008) relay he set the current world record (37.10s).

Date of birth: 23 November, 1982.
Hometown: St. Catherine, Jamaica.
Current Residence: Kingston, Jamaica.
Events: 100m, 4x100m.
Height: 6’3” (190cm)
Weight: 194lbs (88 kg).
Coach: Stephen Francis.