Fastest Boat in the World

 Fastest Boats in the World, Fastest Boat Ever

The fastest boats can travel at speeds over 100 mph (155 km/h) in calm waters. The cigarette or go-fast is a small fast boat designed for high-speed racing on the open ocean. A typical go-fast boats is built of fiberglass, 30-50 feet (10 to 15 m) long, about 8 feet (2,5 m) wide, with a long narrow platform and equipped with two or more powerful engines. People who like to race powerboats live for the adrenaline of speed. In the nautical world, this fast boat is the performance, exotic style and luxury. If you decide to buy one of them... do it immediately!

 The current  fastest boat is the "Spirit of Australia". The water speed record was recorded on October 08, 1978 at Blowering Dam in New South Wales, Australia.
Ken Warby set the world record of 317.6 mph (511.1 km/h). Warby designed the hull of his record-breaking boat, Spirit of Australia, himself and built it in his backyard. The Spirit was covered with a canvas tarpaulin when it rained and was made of wood and fibreglass, powered by a 6000 horse power Westinghouse jet engine (from a Neptune Submarine Patrol plane).

What is the largest boat size and most powerful engine? 
Boat design isn’t just about speed, there’s also stability and tenderness. On high speed boats, the appendage drag, aerodynamic drag, and appendage lift forces can be very large. The use of computer modeling programs lets engineers to create radical new boat designs that previous generations of engineers would have never thought possible.

Super Boat International Boat Race
Super Boat International produces powerboat racing events for the fastest offshore race boats in the World. Teams are broken down in multiple classes based on size, engines and horsepower. Depending on the class, Super Boats vary in sizes up to 50’ feet in length and can reach speeds of 200 mph on rectangular racecourses, which average six miles in length.


I can't imagine why this boat record hasn't been broken yet?
Where there is water, there is opportunity for racing.