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Fast Cat

The fastest house cat is The Egyptian Mau. The spotted Mau is an ancient breed, its look has not changed significantly over 3,000 years. Egyptians used them initially to hunt and retrieve birds. What is the fastest speed of a domestic cat? With its longer hind legs, this cat can run over 36 mph (58 km/h). They are adventurous and love to explore in any territory. Extremely agile and athletic, highly intelligent and loyal to their owners, Egyptian Maus are a relatively rare breed to encounter. The Mau is the only natural spotted breed of domestic cat. The spots of the Mau occur on both the coat and their skin underneath.


These cats can run 70mph (112kph), but full sprints last about 20 seconds and almost never exceed full minute. They are quite nimble at high speed and can make quick and sudden turns. Its specialized body accelerates at 10 meters per second. Cheetah is not only the fastest cat, but the fastest of all land animals. The name cheetah comes from an Indian word meaning "spotted one" Cheetahs are found in open and partially open savannas. It has an extremely long tail that he uses to balance when  running at full speed. One feature of the cheetah, which is uncommon in other cats,is that it can not slide their claws. They serve him as staples while running. It also has two black stripes in the corners of the eyes like the tears that serve to mitigate the glare of the sun. So he must kill pray before he reach a critical point to overheating or at the same time he must give up the hunt.

Lions can run about 40-45 miles per hour, but can only maintain this speed for short distances. The lion shares many common traits of this family, the body is very muscular, with less bone mass than other animals of comparable size. The lion is the second largest living cat, after the tiger. Lions are the largest cat in Africa, and already with three years they are sexually mature.They are massive creatures so the fact that they can reach that speed is magnificent. A rare phenomenon in Africa is a white lion who is almost completely exterminated for their color pelts, which was an expensive on the market.Lions have also been known to breed with tigers, jaguars and leopards.