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  • Lahore is the capital of the Pakistani province of Punjab and the second largest city in Pakistan after Karachi. The city lies along the Ravi River and is situated approximately from Wagah (the only road border crossing between India and Pakistan).
  • The capital of Punjab province and second largest city in Pakistan, situated near the border with India; pop. 3,200,000
  • Lahore District (??? ?????) is a district in the Punjab province of Pakistan, that contains the city of Lahore - the district and provincial capital. The total area is 1,772 sq km. According to the 1998 census of population the population was 6,318,745 of which 81.17% were urban.
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world fashion cafe lahore
world fashion cafe lahore - Black Silicone
Black Silicone Skin / Case / Cover for RIM BlackBerry Torch 9800
Black Silicone Skin / Case / Cover for RIM BlackBerry Torch 9800
This Black Cell Phone Silicone Case / Executive Protector Skin Cover (Hot Pink) is for you to use to personalize and protect your cell phone at the same time in an easy way.
Use to personalize and save your cell phone for a long time.


Easy to install and take off. No tools are required! Just slip the phone skin to your cell phone device.
Made of high quality silicone material, durable and smooth, which will give good protection to your cell phone
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Customized make to fit your cell phone with opening to all connections and controls. Designed to fit your phone perfectly, and can be installed / removed easily. This case will not affect phone use (such as slide open, type, etc.).
Helps to protect against shock and surface damage caused by accidental drops.
Product Weight: 1 oz
Product Color: Black
Material: Lightweight high-quality silicone

IMPORTANT NOTE: This silicone case skin cover Can NOT be used in conjunction with holsters. And this silicone case does not have the screen protected.

Jemcon 2008 fashion
Jemcon 2008 fashion
I found this Flash n Sizzel Jem at the fleamarket a few years back. I repainted her lips to pink and put her in the 2008 Jemcon fashion for the time being.
The magic drink
The magic drink
At World Fashion Cafe, Lahore
world fashion cafe lahore
1864 War America Fort Fisher Cape Fear Punjaub Lahore
Full page from the Illustrated London News dated 1864, an illustrated weekly newspaper weeks date as shown on top of page, the size of each page is approx ( including margins as shown )imately 11 x 16 inches (280x410). All are genuine antique prints and not modern copies, the Illustrated London News is an illustrated magazine which was first printed in 1842 and is the finest pictorial example of a historic social record of British and world events up to the present day. The ILN is known for its coverage of the following subjects the wars, ships, boats, guns, sailing, portraits, fine art, old and antique prints, wood cut, wood engravings, early photographs, Victorian life, Victorian culture, kings, queens, royalty, travels, adventures, natural history, birds, fish, mammals, fishing, hunting, shooting, fox hunting, sports including tennis, cricket, football, horse racing, politics and many more items of interest founded by Herbert Ingram may 14th 1842.