The World's Mega - Structures




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                          Shown below are six lists of the world's largest man made structures. The lists include; 
                                                The World's Largest Man Made Structures  (various)
                                                The World's Largest Religious Buildings 
                                                The World's Tallest Man Made Structures 
                                                The World's Largest Transport Systems  
                                                Modern Construction Wonders Of The World 
                                                Seven Ancient Construction Wonders Of The World   

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                                                               THE MILLAU VIADUCT, FRANCE 
                                                         (Image courtesy of N.A.Parish, wikimedia commons)   
                                      THE WORLD'S LARGEST MAN MADE  STRUCTURES  
AIRPORT - 780 sq kms - The King Fahad International Airport, Dammam, Saudi Arabia.   
AIRPORT BUILDING -  45.9 acres - Sabiha Gokcen International Airport,Istanbul,Turkey.   
AIRPORT TERMINAL - 185,000 sq metres - Terminal Three, Dubai International Airport, UAE 
AQUEDUCT - 64.4 m - The Mahi Aqueduct - Which runs over the Narmada Canal in Gujurat, India.
BRIDGE - Highest -  270 m -  Millau Viaduct, Millau - Creissels, Aveyron, France.   

BRIDGE - Widest  -  1,991 m - Akashi Bridge - Kaikyo, Japan.   
BRIDGE - Longest Over Sea -  42.4 km / 26.4 miles - The Jiazhou Bay Bridge, China, which connects Qingdao City with Huangdao Island, China.
CANAL - Longest Irrigation Dam  -  1,477 km - The Narmada Canal, which carries water from the Sardar Sarovar Dam throughout the drought prone areas of Gujarat State and Rajastan State, India. 
CANAL - Longest Navigable - 2,254 km - The Grand Canal between Beijing and Hangzhou, China. 
COURT HOUSE - 260,000 sq metres - Palace of Justice, Brussels, Belgium.  
DAM - Embankment Dam - 300 metres high - Nurek Dam, Tajikstan.
DAM - Gravity Dam - 285 metres high - Grand Dixence Dam, Valais, Switzerland. 
DAM - Hydro Electric Dam - The Three Gorges Dam, Sandouping, China, which holds 39,000,000 cubic meters of water and disgorges 70,000 cubic meters of water per second.
EARTHQUAKE PROOF BUILDING - 45.9 acres - Sabiha Gokcen Airport, Istanbul, Turkey.  
FACTORY - 398,000 sq kms - The Boeing, aviation assembly factory - Everett, Washington State, U.S.A. 
FOUNTAIN - Dubai Fountain, Burj Khalifa Lake, Dubai, UAE. - Width  275 m. Water projection height 150 metres.  
HEMISPHERICAL BUILDING - Diameter 110 metres - 605,000 cubic sq metres - The Ericsson Globe, ice hockey arena and concert venue, Stockholm, Sweden.  
HOTEL -  6,000 rooms - The Izmailovo Hotel, Moscow, Russia.
OFF SHORE WIND FARM - The Walney Wind Farm , Walney Island, Cumbria, England - 102 turbines on a 73 sq km site.  
ON SHORE WIND FARM -  The Alta Wind Energy Centre, Kern County, California USA - 320 turbines on a 9,000 acre site. 
PALACE - 61,000 sq metres -  The Caserta Palace, Italy 
PARLIAMENT BUILDING - 330,000 sq metres - The Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest, Romania.
RAILTRACK -  9297.180 km - The Trans - Siberian Railway, Moscow - Vladivostock, Russia. 
RAIL TUNNEL - Longest -  53.85 km - The Seikan Tunnel under the Tsugaru Strait, linking the islands of Honshu and Hokkaido in Japan. 
RESEVOIR - Largest By Surface Area - 3,283 sq km - Lake Volta, Ghana. 
RESEVOIR - Largest By Volume - 180 cubic kilometers - Lake Kariba, Zambia / Zimbabwe border.

ROADWAY -  Longest -  24,140 km - The Pan - American Highway. Alaska - Brazil. 
ROAD TUNNEL - Longest -  The Laerdal Tunnel - 24.51 kms / 15.23 miles - Laerdal to Aurland, Norway.
WATERWHEEL -  Diameter of 21.9 metres - The Lady Isabella Waterwheel, Laxey, Isle of Man.   


                                     THE WORLD'S LARGEST RELIGIOUS BUILDINGS

                                                                 ANGKOR WAT, MYANMAR                                        


ANGLICAN CATHEDRAL - There is a dispute as to which Anglican cathedral holds the record for being the largest. The Saint John the Divine Cathedral in New York City, USA covers an area of 11,200 sq metres, but is infact unfinished, where as the Cathedral of the Church of Christ in Liverpool, also known as the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, covers an area of 9,687 sq metres and is complete.    

ROMAN CATHOLIC CATHEDRAL - 11,200 sq m - The Cathedral of St Mary of the See, Seville, Spain. 

CHURCH - 20,139 sq m - The Basilica of St Peter - Vatican City. 

HINDU TEMPLE - 203 acres -  Angkor Wat, Angkor, Cambodia. 

MOSQUE - 900 acres -  Al Masjid Al Haram, Mecca, Saudi Arabia. 

MONASTERY - 250,000 sq kms - The Drepung Monastery, Lhasa, Tibet - Consists of seven colleges containing 7,700 Yellow Hat, Buddhist, monks.  

                                         THE WORLD'S TALLEST MAN MADE STRUCTURES 


CLOCK TOWER -  240m - Tokyo, Japan.

DOME -  136.57m - St Peter's Basilica, Vatican City.   

EARTHQUAKE PROOF TOWER - 310 m -  The U.S Bank Tower, Los Angeles, California, USA.  

ELECTRIC PYLON -  346.5 m - Jiangyin, China. 

HOTEL -  333m - Rose Rotana Hotel, Dubai, UAE.  

LIGHTHOUSE -  106m - Yokohama, Japan.

MINARET -  210m - Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco. 

SKYSCRAPER -  828 m - Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE.  

T.V MAST -  628.8 m - KVLY- TV. Blanchard, North Dakota, USA.  


                                            THE WORLD'S LARGEST TRANSPORT SYSTEMS                         

                                    Check out all the world's metro systems at - metrosystemsoftheworld 


                                                                            RAIL SYSTEMS

The world's busiest train station, by passenger number, is Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, Japan, which serves 3.63 million passengers a day.

The world's largest passenger station, by area, is Nagoya Station in Aichi, Japan, at 446,000 sq metres.

The world's largest metro station, by area, is Union Square Station in Dubai, at 67,056 sq metres.

The station with the most platforms in the world is Grand Central Station in New York City, U.S.A, with 67 platforms. 


                                                                      METRO RAIL SYSTEMS

The largest metro system in the world, is the Shanghai Metro in China, with 424.8 kilometres of track.   

The world's busiest metro system, in terms of passenger usage, is the Tokyo City Metro in Japan with 8 million passengers a year.

The metro system with the most stations is the New York City Subway with 462. 


                                                                            BUS SYSTEMS 

The largest bus station in the world is the Millenium Park Bus Station in Delhi, India at 305,265 sq metres.

The largest undergound bus station in the world is situated at the Kamppi Centre in Helsinki, Finland, which covers an area of  25,000 sq metres.   


                                                                           TRAM SYSTEMS 

The world's largest tram system, located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, has a system length of 250 kilometers. 


                                                                         CANAL SYSTEMS

The Grand Canal Linking the cities of Beijing and Hangzhou in China - 1,776 kilometers long with 24 locks - Constuction began in the fifth century. 

The Karakum Canal - Linking the Amu Darya River with the city of Ashgabat in Turkmenistan through the Karakum Desert - 1,375 kilometers long - Completed in 1988. 

The Saimaa Canal - Linking Lake Saimaa in Finland with the city of  Vyborg in Russia - 814 kilometers long with 8 locks - Completed in 1856. 

The Manych Ship Canal - Linking the Caspian Sea with the Black Sea through Russia - 700 kilometers long with 6 locks - Begun in 1936, construction still ongoing.  

The Gota Canal - Linking the cities of Gothenburg and Soderkoping in Sweden - 614 kilometers long with 34 locks - Completed in 1832.

The Erie Canal - Linking Lake Erie with the Hudson River through New York State, U.S.A - 584 kilometers long with 36 locks - Completed in 1825



U.S.A. - 212,433 km.

Russia. - 87,157 km.

China. - 67,524 km. 

India. - 63,694 km.

Germany. - 44,000 km .   



U.S.A. - 6,370,031 km .

India. - 3,319,644 km.

Brazil. - 1,980,000 km.

China - 1,400,000 km.

Japan. - 1,152,207 km.  


Shanghai, China - 434 km. 

London. U.K. - 405 km. 

New York, U.S.A. - 337 km. 

Beijing, China - 336 km. 

Moscow. Russia. - 301 km.   



Melbourne, Australia - 250 km 

St Petersburg, Russia - 240 km 

Vienna, Austria - 215 km 

Berlin, Germany - 188 km 

Milan, Italy - 160 km 

                              MODERN CONSTRUCTION WONDERS OF THE WORLD
                                               As stated by the American Society of Civil Engineers 

Channel Tunnel. - 1987 - 1994. English Channel, linking the United Kingdom with mainland Europe.
C.N Tower. - 1973 - 1976. - Toronto, Canada.  
Empire State Building. - 1930 - 1931. New York, U.S.A. 
Golden Gate Bridge. - 1933 - 1937. San Francisco , U.S.A. 
Taipu Dam. - 1970 - 1984. Brazil / Paraguay border.
Zuiderzee Works. - 1950 - 1997. The Netherlands.
Panama Canal. - 1904 - 1914. Panama.    

                                               THE SEVEN WONDERS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD 
                                                                       According to Antipater's List 

Colossus of Rhodes - Island of Rhodes, Greece. 
Great Pyramid at Giza - Giza, Egypt - The only structure on the list that still remains to this day. 
Hanging Gardens of Babylon - Ancient Mesopotamia - Modern day Al Hillah, Iraq. 
Lighthouse at Alexandria - Alexandria, Egypt. 
Mausoleum of Halicarnassus - Caria, Ancient Greece - Modern day Bodrum, Turkey. 
Statue of Zeus at Olympia - Elis,Greece. 
Temple of Artemis at Ephesus - Ancient Greece - Modern day Selcuk, Turkey.  

                                                        THE GREAT PYRAMID AT GIZA, EGYPT  

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