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Good Day and Welcome to the Ivan Lebedevsky Page on the Google Sites Project.
This website has been made and created between 2008 - 2015.
This website is about FM DX and contains all frequencies of Leningrad Oblast and some other cities.
Also it has pages about interests of the author and links to interesting websites arond the web!

Feel free to look around, all my pages are open for everyone!

  • Profile - list of my interests
  • Links1 - links on my other web profiles
  • Links2 - links on radio related websites
  • Links3 - links on websites not related to radio
  • equipment - list of favourite equipment and links on them
  • FMDX - List of FM Stations in Sankt Peterburg
  • TVDX - List of TV Stations in Sankt Peterburg
  • Bandplan - good article on shortwave bandplan (taken from swldxbulgaria and wikipedia)
  • Other Cities - List of local regional towns where more than 2 stations on air
Last Update - 01.05.2017
(C) Ivan Lebedevsky.